Saturday, September 13, 2008

The objective study of Islam and charges of Islamophobia: twins separated at birth

The importance of this story is highlighting how mere curiosity about Islam, followed by an objective inquiry, leads non-Muslims to the sorts of conclusions that are mainstays to this site. This man, like many before him, knew very little about Islam; after 9/11, he began educating himself. As a result, he acknowledges some of the problematic aspects of Islam. He concludes, “I’ve tried to keep this as objective as I can." Ironically, though, the more objective one is about Islam, the more open one becomes to accusations of "Islamophobe."

"McCrudden’s new book seeks to answer questions of Islam," South Coast Register, September 12:

RESEARCHING the origins of the Bible may seem an unusual way to start delving into the details of Islam, but that is the journey travelled by retired Nowra criminal lawyer Jim McCrudden.

And it led to the launch on Thursday of the book Islam FAQ.

Reverend Fred Nile officially launched the book, describing it as “a very valuable publication”.

Reverend Nile said Islam was “a major world religion” that was strong in areas close to Australia, including Indonesia.

“They’re right on our doorstep, so we need to know about them, and we need to know facts,” Rev Nile said.


But one thing common throughout the religion was the aim of changing Western society to have all people adopt Islamic customs and laws, he [McCrudden] claimed.

“It’s well worthwhile knowing that Islamists have a particular wish to have their customs made everyone’s customs,” Mr McCrudden said.

Those changes were already happening.

At Melbourne’s Monash University there were separate toilets for Muslims, Mr McCrudden said, and in England a small council that met around a table had abandoned having water and biscuits during meetings held during the holy month of Ramadan, at the request of two Islamic councillors.

Despite the concerns he raised, Mr McCrudden said he had no personal view on Islam as, “I’ve tried to keep this as objective as I can”.

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