Saturday, February 02, 2008

Separate Housing for Muslim Women at Georgetown U.

At Georgetown University, Muslim women can live apart in housing that enables them to "sleep in an Islamic setting," as the website puts it. According to a student at the time the policy was adopted, the university housing office initially opposed the idea, on grounds that

all freshman should have the experience of "living in dorms and dealing with different kinds of people." That might sound appealing, Muslim students told a reporter in an article featured on the website. But in their view, the reporter wrote, "learning to live with 'different kinds of people' " actually "causes more harm than good" for Muslims, because it requires them to live in an environment that "distracts them from their desire to become better Muslims, and even draw[s] weaker Muslims away from Islam." Looks like Georgetown University, an institution founded by Jesuits, is promoting a separate society on campus. Or perhaps the goal is to prevent Muslim students there from assimilating.

How many accommodations can the West make before our civilization becomes so fractured as to be nonexistent?

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