Friday, February 01, 2008

Islamists making Inroads with DNC

The executive committee of the Democratic National Committee has elected three Indian Americans to the standing committees at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, convening Aug. 25-28 in Denver, Colo."he three Indians are Sunita Leeds from a DC-based education organization; Smita Shah, founder and president of Chicago-based engineering and construction management company Spaan Technologies; and Iman Malik Mujahid (aka Abdul Malik Mujahid), founder and president of the Chicago-based Sound Vision Foundation. Mujahid was named to the credentials committee, which "coordinates the selection of convention delegates and alternates." The article describes Mujahid as follows:

"Mujahid is a Muslim leader, activist, film producer and non-profit entrepreneur. An imam at three Chicago mosques, he has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago and is currently president of the Council of the Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago."

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Alarms are going off..... "Mujahid", BTW, is Arabic for "one who makes jihad" or "one who fights in a war for Islam."

You can read more about Malik Mujahid here. He published a book, Commanders of the Muslim Army, about historical Muslim military leaders "who loved death more than life" and who "led the armies of Islam against the Kuffars and nonbelievers". Mujahid is active with - among other thing - Bosnia and Kosova organizations. I'm thinking that someone didn't do their due diligence in looking into Mujahid's background, similar to the Essam Omeish appointment (quickly rescinded) to a Virginia state immigration commission. Maybe not, though. Maybe the DNC wants Islamist in their ranks.

UPDATE: Given that Howard Dean spoke at the September 2007 Islamic Society of North America convention (the ISNA is one of several Muslim Brotherhood-front organizations in the US), the DNC clearly does want Islamists actively involved with the Democratic party.

UPDATE2: More on Sound Vision and Malik Mujahid, from Militant Islam Monitor:

"Sound Vision, an affiliate of the the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview Illinois. The Mosque Foundation has been under law enforcement scrutiny for more then a decade for ties to terrorism and several of their congregants have been arrested . The most recent arrest of a Mosque Foundation member was Mohammed Saleh, who was charged with involvement in funding and recruiting terrorist operatives in Gaza."

".... (Yusuf) Islam's (formerly Cat Stevens) close friend Abdul Malik Muhajid, the director of Sound Vision, is listed as the National Coordinator for the Bosnia Task Force and Kosova Task Force. The Bosnia Task Force is alleged to have direct ties to Al Qaeda and the Benevolence International Foundation, an Al Qaeda funding front whose founder Ernaam Arnaout, is now jailed on terror funding charges."

UPDATE3: Daniel Pipes has found several examples of radicalism at Sound Vision, this one where Sound Vision forum visitors applaud a bus bombing in Jersusalem, here where Sound Vision offers a boilerplate press release for denouncing terrorism, and here where Sound Vision offers advice on conducting dawah at public schools.

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