Friday, January 04, 2008

New English TV Show From Jerusalem Released for Internet Viewing

Gil Ronen and Baruch Gordon

It's not every day that a TV show creates a whole new concept, a dimension of its own. But Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem does just that. It captures the heart and soul of a new generation of vibrant Jews, proud of their identity. It is a refreshing celebration of Jewish renewal at a time that the modern Jewish State is struggling to define its own Jewish character.
. Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz, radio show hosts on, kicked off the new English TV show in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Their objective is to highlight the beauty of being Jewish and being connected to the Jewish State through humor, moving anecdotes, Jewish rock music, and fast-moving upbeat insights into the Torah. They are a dynamic duo, best friends, IDF soldier-and-commander and partners in inspiration.

The show's motto is "Inspire the World, Ingather the exiles, Empower the Jewish People." Jeremy and Ari – as they are known to their audiences – succeeded in bringing the spirit of Jerusalem to the hearts of viewers worldwide.

The atmosphere in the standing-room-only Heichal Shlomo auditorium was electric when the show first aired. "The world only hears an Israeli voice. We want it to hear a Jewish voice," Gimpel declared, and the audience cheered wildly.

Ari Abramovitz told the crowd that the basis of his friendship with Jeremy is "our love for Torah. For learning it, for teaching it. Although we don't know that much, the little bit that we do know we really try to share with the world," he said. Together, they "demonstrated a charisma that both the camera and the audience seemed to love," according to a review written by Laura Ben-David, who called the event "one huge party."


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