Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Myths of Peace, and the Reality of our Dead Boys

Naomi Ragen

I want to tell you the story of two boys, twenty year olds, both them in the elite of elite army units, both of them from Rabbinical families, both of them living in Kiryat Arba, the Jewish neighborhood of Hebron. Achikam Amichai and David Rubin were out on leave from their IDF units, enjoying a well-earned holiday. They decided this past Friday afternoon to take take a little hike in their backyards. Their friend Naama Ohayon went with them. It was a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, wild and open, as it is in that part of the land of Israel. They passed an Arab, who asked them for water. The boys gave it to him, then waved goodbye and went on their way. A short while later, alerted by the Palestinian they had shared water with, three armed terrorists who had been lying in wait for an opportunity to kill Israelis and steal their weapons, drove by and opened fire on the three young people. Our boys, ambushed and badly wounded, nevertheless, began firing, killing the terrorist driver of the car. The other two terrorists then hopped out of the car, put their guns at point blank range to the fatally injured boys and fired. These "big heroes" then threw their dead comrade out of car like so much garbage, and took off, back to Hebron where they live. Hiding In the forest, Naama Ohayon, who had miraculously escaped, used her cell phone to contact Israeli security forces, who praised her unbelievable cool in the face of the horror she had witnessed. Security forces rescued her, but it was too late for the boys.

Meanwhile, Shimon Peres found time for a photo opportunity to shake hands with a member of Abu Maazen's government who expressed his "condolences." This, of course, before it became known that the killers were Abu Maazen's paid employees.

According to Efrat Weiss, writing in YNET, sometime on Friday evening, the Palestinian Authority started the rumor that it wasn't a terrorist attack at all, but a "drug deal" gone bad. This went all over the Israeli news, and you can just imagine how the parents must have felt. Others said the boys had no right to go hiking. (Right, let's all stay in our homes and quake.)

Meanwhile, the two murderers, fearing the IDF was closing in on them, turned themselves over to Palestinian security forces, who didn't say a word about this to the Israelis. However, when Israeli security asked them pointedly to turn over the weapons of the murderers and the victims, they did. But they didn't turn over the killers, who they are still "interrogating."

Surprise surprise, these weren't Hamas operatives. They were salary- earning members of the Palestinian Authority, paid for by U.S. and European Union donations to Abu Maazen, the "good Palestinian" as oppossed to the Hamas, who are terrorists and "bad Palestinians," the ones we need to weaken by supporting Abu Mazen and his gang of thugs.

The names of the murderers are: Omar Badar Ali-Halim Teha, a resident of Hebron, 26, a "soldier" in the Palestinian National
Security Forces, and an active member of Fatah; Ali al Hamid Regev Dindis, 24 a Hebron resident who is a clerk in the Sharia court of the Palestinian authority, and also connected to the Palestinian Secret service. The dead driver is 23 year olf Radil Abdul Naim Natshe.

There are many conclusions to be drawn from this story. I will leave you to draw them concerning the myths of making peace with the Palestinian Authority.

Comment by Israeli colleague: Naomi's piece that follows is what Israel lives with daily; we who are here can testify to its accuracy. We sorrow with the families; each life is precious no matter where we are. The ratio of Israelis to Americans is about 1 to 55. In other words, the killing of one Israeli is like that of 55 Americans. It is a ghastly price to pay and no matter what steps Israel has taken - described as 'painful concessions for peace' - we are further than ever from that goal. The enemy wants us out - dead - annihilated - extinct!

The present Israeli government - and the previous ones - have traveled the same path: "Maybe we just have not given enough! Let's give more! Maybe the enemy really do want peace with us!" And, as the King of Siam said, "Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!" No thanks!

By now we should have learned that it hasn't worked. The enemy spews hatred of Israel --------and let's not leave out the victim. Those Americans who have not heard it have been reading the newspapers that do not publish all of the news; just look into some of the internet hate sites that are so plentiful. Not pretty reading . Even the following story has been distorted by the enemy and the left media that is sympathetic to them may be reporting the wrong version; read Naomi's and know the truth.

Israel's struggle is not limited solely to her own survival. Let no one believe that the fight is just over Middle East territory! Today's ideological enemies will not hesitate to pursue their goals overseas; they have a foothold in Europe and are already ensconced in the U.S. Acquiescing to the demands of Israel's enemies only emboldens them more and more; it is clearly not in the interest of Israel to continue on this route. Let is also be clear that it is not in the interest of the United States to create a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel or to divide Jerusalem. The capital of Israel is one city; from a purely strategic standpoint, dividing it would create a Baghdad-like condition with terrorist activities carried out in every neighborhood throughout. There are other compelling reasons why Jerusalem must remain united which will not be discussed now.

Israel will be under tremendous pressure this coming week to participate in her own suicide - to take steps that will legitimize her rapacious enemies. The headline of the Jerusalem Post of Jan.1 screamed boldly:

Olmert: "Even Israel's good friends see our future based on the ' 67 borders, with Jerusalem divided"

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