Monday, October 08, 2007


Yoram Ettinger

1. While the US honors the 9/11 victims, Abu Mazen's daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, honors the perpetrator of 9/11, Bin-Laden (per enclosed cartoons)! 2. (Hate) education is the most authentic reflection of one's ideology and vision. The enclosed cartoons, published by Abu Mazen’s directed-media, echo sermons and text books in Abu Mazen’s controlled mosques and schools.

3. Abu Mazen’s PA/PLO has been a systematic ally of Bin-Laden, Saddam, Iran, No. Korea, China and Russia. It has been a deadly threat to the Hashemites and moderate Gulf regimes, a role-model of inter-Arab treachery, hate-education, terrorism, homicide and car bombing, hijacking and murder of diplomats (e.g. murdered US ambassadors in Sudan), human rights violation, oppression of Christian Arabs and corruption. PLO mentors were allies of the Nazis and of the ruthless communist regimes in Moscow and E. Europe.

4. Palestinian terrorists fought US GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. A Palestinian State would provide US enemies and rivals an east Mediterranean platform.

6. A Palestinian State would add another anti-US vote at the UN.

7. A Palestinian State and US interests would constitute a classic oxymoron!

8. U.S. support of, and aid to, the Palestinian Authority has convinced the PA that it can get away with murder and systematic violation of commitments and be rewarded.

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