Sunday, October 07, 2007

Report Syria to Iraq Homicide Bomb Trail

Homicide bombers are making a trail from Damascus, Syria, to Iraq to target American troops, according to a report. A London Times' reporter interviewed a 23-year-old homicide bomber with knowledge about explosives and a degree in chemistry about his trek to kill Americans.
Ahmed talked with steady self-assurance about his plans to follow in his brother's footsteps, who blew himself up at a drinks stall in Iraq where American soldiers were nearby.
The young man helped his brother get ready for his mission, packing TNT into pouches with some nails and strapping the bomb to his 19-year-old brother's waist. He also slipped wire rings onto his brother's fingers and attached them to a fourth detonator in the palm of his hand, with directions to head towards the American soldiers.
“Go sell them some Pepsi,” Ahmed told him gently. “We will meet in heaven, you and I, and that’s a promise.”
Ahmed says his brother kissed him, turned and walked away without a moment’s hesitation.
Click here to read the report in the London Times.
Ahmed has a different mission than his brother. He plans to pass through Syria on his way to die in Iraq to kill CIA officers.
More than 1,300 bombers are said to have struck on foot or in vehicles since the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 – more than all the other homicide bombings of the past 20 years put together.
Ahmed, the first bomber, has seen at first hand the misery and mayhem the “martyrs” can cause. He does not see that his brother’s actions last year and his own imminent mission will achieve little more than prolonging the anguish of Iraq. His mind is made up.

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