Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Saudi Plan is carved in stone by the US
By Ted Belman

A year ago, I wrote The Conspiracy to Shrink Israel in which I made the case by quoting from a number of sources, that the US was party to the conspiracy and its leader.

Now my leftist, Zionist, friend, Ami Isseroff has added to my evidence and drove the point home in his article, Understanding the obvious: U.S. policy toward Israel
Isseroff cites considerable evidence which you shouldn’t miss and then concludes,

The Israeli government always knew the score, even if it tried to forget it. Initially, Israel was in earnest about returning all or most of the land conquered in return for peace. Following the Khartoum resolutions however, and later, after the infamous UN Zionism is Racism resolution, it appeared safe to assume that Arab peace partners, other than Egypt, would never present themselves, and that Israel could take it for granted that the US would look the other way while Israel built settlements and created “facts on the ground,” ignoring the hypothetical day of reckoning that might come if and when the Arabs side ever opted for peace. From the point of view of the supporters of settlement, American support for Israel was a Faustian deal, and they would rather not think that one day the devil might come to get his due.

The “territorial integrity” and “land for peace” policy of the US has been largely ignored by many pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian analysts and statesmen, despite the fact it is a matter of public record. For Greater Israel enthusiasts, there was no point in emphasizing the huge gamble involved in pouring billions of dollars into the settlements. Likewise, when it is out of power, it is very convenient for the Israeli right to label any Israeli politician who is in power, and must offer concessions in line with U.S. policy, as a traitor or at least a wimp.

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