Monday, July 30, 2007

Recent letter to President Bush

Dear President Bush,

I am a Republican who is about to rescind my credentials in the Republican party.

I cannot be an accessory to the demands made by your administration that require the democracy, Israel, to commit suicide. You hear the same news that we all hear yet you are determined to continue with your disastrous plan for a Palestinian state although Israel is attacked daily with Kassam missiles and threatened with complete destruction. Your idea of a 'peaceful Palestinian state' living next to Israel is nothing more than fantasy; the Arabs themselves shout words of war and you are, apparently, not listening!! If you are , then it is immoral to contemplate such a plan.

The harm done to Israel - orchestrated by Secretary of State Rice - is unconscionable. I refer to her demand that Israel withdraw from the Philadelphi Corridor and Rafah - the undiplomatic shouting match she had with those in charge of security who feared exactly what happened. The enemy moved up and is shelling cities, and killing innocent Israelis.

It has become obvious, Mr. Bush, that you and Ms. Rice have no intention of keeping your word about a peace 'process'. It is only Israel whom you force to comply with your demands. The PA has not disarmed; Abbas has openly stated that he would not do so. Both Fatah and Hamas are terrorist organizations and have as their goal the destruction of Israel . Your administration is helping them and your legacy will be just that.

I cannot be a party to the destruction of a true friend of the United States in favor of false 'friends' who are applauding your flawed judgment.

Name provided only to the President

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