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Hostage priest released by jihadists denies being freed for "compassion": "They have no compassion for anyone"

Le-P.-Georges-Vandenbeusch-enleve-au-Cameroun-avait-choisi-de-rester-pres-de-ses-paroissiens_article_popin.jpg They were just working from the dictates of the Qur'an and Islamic law: "When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads." -- Qur'an 47:4
"As for the captives, the amir [ruler] has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them. Allah, may he be exalted, says, 'When you encounter those [infidels] who deny [the Truth=Islam] then strike [their] necks' (Qur'an sura 47, verse 4)" — Abu’l-Hasan al-Mawardi, al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah (The Laws of Islamic Governance), trans. by Dr. Asadullah Yate, (London), Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd., 1996, p. 192.
This reads like a machine translation, but it gives you the idea. "Headlines: Nigeria: Father Georges denies being released by 'compassion,'" from Racers Republic, January 2 (thanks to; spelling and grammar as in the original):

Officially released by “compassion” after 45 days of detention in the bush and without any ransom has been paid, the fatherGeorges Vandenbeusch , 42, said he was lucky his off the plane Wednesday morning on Airport Villacoublay, near Paris, where François Hollande expected and some near Nanterre, his diocese. “I am well aware that I have the chance, he has said. There hostages who remained terribly long. “ Smiling, apparently form the priest had shaved his beard since the first images released yesterday in Yaounde, Cameroon, a few hours after his return to freedom. On the tarmac at Villacoublay, he gave few details of his captivity: “A month and a half under a tree, he said. Seven weeks, that’s a lot of hours, when you are hostage and that has nothing to do, nothing to read, nobody to talk to. “In short,” the terrible boredom, sadness and anger ” Has he said, stressing he was not mistreated by his jailers.
Former hostage confirmed he was detained in Nigeria by members of Islamist group Boko Haramin a hit since Christmas by “bombing” area. He only learned Monday that he would be released after twenty-four hours. ”It’s a happy day to find our compatriot,” welcomed François Hollande , saluting the “courage, lucidity and self-sacrifice” of the former hostage, which was installed in 2011 northern Cameroon. Father Vandenbeusch Hollande did chorus to thank Paul Biya , President of Cameroon, which has obviously played a key role in the outcome of this hostage taking.
“They have no compassion for anyone”
Cameroonian security source told AFP that a prisoner detained in Cameroon Boko Haram was released in exchange for the release of the priest. This was recognized by half-word Laurent Fabius, the chief diplomat, citing “discussions” to “legal aspects” in which “President Biya was extremely helpful and efficient.” Remains to be seen what the immovable torn from Paris Cameroonian head of state. In April, Paul Biya had already achieved thanks supported France, after the release of seven hostages, including four children, the Moulin-Fournier family, after two months of sequestration by Boko Haram. Again, the mediation of a number of Cameroon had quickly paid off.
On Wednesday, a source linked to Boko Haram said that “the direction (of the group) had decided to release the priest by compassion,” according to comments reported by AFP. ”The priest offered his medical services to members (group) patients during the period of captivity, argued Boko Haram.Management felt that there was no need to keep it. “This has denied the former hostage Wednesday night to log 20 hours of France 2. ”I’m not a nurse or doctor. If they had led me to treat someone with a bleeding I would have done what I could, but they did not. They have no compassion for anyone, “said the father Vandenbeusch captured by him as” Western. “ ”They thought I was a teacher or doctor, they realized shortly after, saw me praying.”
Read the Bible again
Implausible, the language elements of Boko Haram targeted mainly to mask the reality of barter which allowed the French priest to regain freedom. Officially always Boko Haram had said that France had refused to pay the ransom demanded by the Islamist group via Cameroon , Paris rather asking that he be released on humanitarian grounds due to his status as a priest. The France’s official position not to pay ransom to the alleged kidnappers of its nationals worldwide. But was rarely seen without parole consideration, much less by “compassion”. After a quick medical examination at the hospital of Val-de-Grâce, Georges Vandenbeusch went immediately to the bishopric of Nanterre, where the bells rang at the announcement of his release. ”I’ll walk back, he was told, celebrate a little mass, etlire the Bible”, an activity that has so failed him during his captivity.

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