Monday, October 14, 2013

Israel Put Chip in Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Make him Extremist, says Pal

Well that explains it.

I was worried that the Muslim Brotherhood was a nasty bunch of sociopaths, but apparently that was all due to a chip being put in a stunt double’s head. As soon as Dubai’s top surgeons get the chip out, the Muslim Brotherhood’s “spiritual leader” Yusuf Al-Qaradawi will stop praising Hitler.

I don’t know why Israel needed to both replace Qaradawi with a stunt double and put a chip in his head. It seems like overkill to me.

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Hassan Youssef: Sheik Al-Qaradhawi is very moderate, and is not an extremist. That is why I cannot believe my ears.
Interviewer: He shocked you. When you say that the Sheik Al-Qaradhawi you know is dead, and you even suspect that Israel has planted a chip in his brain – which is a metaphoric way of saying that it has taken control over his mind…

Hassan Youssef: It’s not a metaphor. Let me give you an example. King Faisal’s nephew, who assassinated him… King Faisal was a great monarch, who stood by Egypt in the 1973 war, and was one of the principal reasons for Israel’s defeat. He said [to the West]: “We are used to desert life. We have no problem living in tents, drinking goat milk, and eating dates. We don’t want anything from you. Don’t want anything from you. Don’t take our oil. Goodbye.”
How can someone kill his own uncle? He met a Jewish woman abroad and fell in love with her. She took him to Israel, where they operated on him and planted a chip in his brain, and they remote-controlled him, until he killed his uncle.
Interviewer: I’m afraid many people have got chips in their brains recently…
A 1973 microchip was dumber than your present day toaster.  It was 1 mhz. But maybe the Saudi king didn’t have much going on upstairs and didn’t need a Pentium chip in his brain.

Hassan Youssef: That was not Dr. Al-Qaradhawi. What we just heard could not have been said by the Sheik Al-Qaradhawi I knew. The voice was superimposed over the video of Dr. Al-Qaradhawi. Even his features have changed, compared to what I saw when I prayed with him in Doha. He’s changed. These are not the features of Dr. Al-Qaradhawi…
So Israel put a chip in Qaradawi’s brain, replaced him with a double and then superimposed his voice. Apparently Israel is not only a James Bond villain, but it does everything by committee.
Hassan Youssef: To this day, I respect, honor, and admire the Sheik Al-Qaradhawi I used to know, and I kiss his hands and his feet.
Interviewer: But when you see the Al-Qaradhawi of recent days – you say he is dead.
Hassan Youssef: I wash my hands of him. I don’t know that man. Al-Qaradhawi is dead. The voice was superimposed.
It’s good to wash your hands after kissing someone else’s feet.
Interviewer: So what happened to him?
Hassan Youssef: It’s a double. Or a chip. There can be no other explanation. But I advise his sons, who I know very well, to have him declared legally incompetent, if this is due to a disease.
What are the standards for declaring someone incompetent in a culture where Youssef is considered competent?
Interviewer: So you say that if this is due to disease, they should have him declared incompetent.
Hassan Youssef: Yes, they should prevent him from coning out and saying such things.
So it’s a disease/chip/body double/superimposed voice. But Israel is behind it.
Yusuf al-Qaradawi
The Bad Jews put a chip in my head/But I’ll give it my best for the Caliphate

Comment: I could not make this up-these are their words-this is what we deal with every day and until the West accepts this reality our enemy will continue its movements forward.

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