Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hamas now preventing its own people from leaving Gaza!


Whose siege is it anyway?

From the virulently anti-Israel IMEMC site:

Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip have reported that the Hamas government in the coastal region prevented Mahmoud Zahar, one of the political leaders of Hamas, from travelling, as he and a delegation he heads were trying to cross into Egypt on their way to Lebanon and Iran.

The sources said that Zahar, and 22 Hamas officials, were stopped by the Palestinian Security Forces of Hamas at the Palestinian side of the Rafah Border terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, the Radio Bethlehem 2000 have reported.

Zahar wanted to visit Iran to congratulate the new president-elect, Hasan Rohani.

Last week, the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement issued a statement “demanding the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party to withdraw its fighters from Syria”.

Zahar said that the statement was not issued by the Hamas movement in Gaza, and added that the Hamas leadership in exile, led by Khaled Mashal, was behind it.
This is so great on so many levels.

It shows that Hamas infighting is reaching a new peak.

It shows that Hamas is the party that is controlling entry and exit from Gaza, not Israel.

It shows that the "siege" is enforced by none other than Hamas!

Right now in Gaza we have Hamas vs. Salafists, Hamas vs. Islamic Jihad, Hamas vs. the PFLP, Hamas vs. Fatah, and now pro-Iran Hamas vs. pro-Al Qaeda Hamas.

"Pro-Gaza" activists must be very confused, not knowing which branch of a murderous terror organization to back in this intra-Hamas spat. Their anti-Israel message is being drowned out by the infighting.

(Not to mention their sputtering anger at the "Zionist" World War Z movie. )

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