Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please 'read my lips' as I responded to the following article‏


WH Advisor: It's an 'Irrelevant Fact' Where Obama Was on Night of Benghazi Attack

As a caring U.S. citizen who follows the news of a beloved country in which I grew up, I am compelled to respond to what is happening.  I read at least 6 publications daily- even those whose policies are opposed to mine.  Living outside of the States gives me the advantage of knowing how the country is perceived internationally.  I am appalled at what is being revealed about the present American government - ashamed- and very worried.  My concern has to do with the internal turmoil just at a critical moment on the world stage.  I wrote the following after reading the article the title of which and link are above.  I am heartsick and hope you are feeling a bit of this, too.  Know that I call the White House and members of Congress and you can, too. Follow the news and act!
My response to article re Obama whereabouts on Benghazi night –May 20, 13

The arrogance that is emanating from the WH is not to be believed! Is anyone aware of the fact that a President bears responsibility to the citizens of the country and is answerable to them?

What has happened to the checks and balances that are part of the very fabric of the U.S. government?! What has happened to the dignity of the Office of the President? Where is the 'bringing people together' that was promised?! Where is the follow through on promises made?! Where is the 'transparency' that was promised and the words that resulted in a Nobel Peace Prize?!

We are taught that 'actions speak louder than words'. The answers to the questions above have been exposed by an irrefutable display of lack of competency and leadership that has undermined the U.S. both domestically and internationally. What has been revealed is the corruption from the top down. No thinking person is willing to accept the usual WH excuse about the Republicans or someone else being at fault for everything that is wrong.

Beyond the offense is the effort to cover up by claiming 'ignorance' because information was not forwarded to the President or Sec'y of State. Well, if that is so - why not?!!! The specter of Benghazi is haunting and the Hillary Clinton exasperation and heartless outburst regarding 'why it should not matter' still rings in the ears of decent people to whom it DOES matter! The variety and number of versions DO concern us! Errors are made and apologies should be forthcoming but covering up tragedy with lies results in lack of trust.  (Even Chris Matthews is mad!)

Now it is incumbent upon the American people to make their feelings known.
The liberal media must be challenged and demands made that it live up to the Standard of Ethics that exists to assure the public that news will be reported – not created - by its staff.  Volume counts and there must be an outcry against the injustices that have been going on with politics being the driving force rather than the welfare of the country (not ‘welfare’ as in free loading!).

The White House switchboard must be kept busy with the opinions of the citizenry and the demands for ‘WhiteHousecleaning’.  Members of Congress must be put on notice that even their longtime service will be jeopardized if they do not cease being ‘yes men/women’ to an administration that honors no boundaries.  It might begin with the firing of the overabundance of ‘czars’ appointed by the President ( who obviously do not keep him informed).
Included in this budget adjustment should be curtailing the exclusive  trips arranged by ‘the First Lady’ ( requiring security to be housed nearby – also in luxury)  Recently, there was a report in which Michelle Obama said that there are countries to which she would like to take her children while the family is in the White House.
Enough of exploiting the top position!  Enough of arrogance!  The WH tel no. is (202) 456-1111 or 1414.  No use to complain to ourselves; get the message out.
I do!

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