Saturday, April 27, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood returning to Syria

Obama is working for regime change in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood is creeping in. via Exiled Muslim Brotherhood plans return to Syria –
The Muslim Brotherhood is set to open offices inside Syria for the first time since the organisation was crushed there decades ago, in an apparent effort to capitalise on the increasingly Islamised rebellion.Riad al-Shaqfa, the movement’s exiled leader, said in an interview with the Financial Times that a decision was recently taken to revive organisational structures inside Syria and followers have been asked to start opening party offices in rebel-held areas.
“In the beginning we said this is a time for revolution, not ideology. Now there are many groups inside so we feel we should reorganise,” he said, adding that the Brotherhood – a similar movement to its Egyptian counterpart – was hoping to promote a more moderate brand of Islamist thinking at a time of growing radicalisation.

Notice FT didn’t put quotations around that part about hoping to promote a moderate brand of Islamist thinking nonsense. Because there is no moderate brand of Islamist thinking.

The new “red line” is chemical weapons although it was reported, ignored by media, that Obama’s so-called Syrian rebels were the one’s testing chemical weapons (video).

“Evidence” of Syria chemical weapons use not up to U.N. standard
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Assertions of chemical weapon use in Syria by Western and Israeli officials citing photos, sporadic shelling and traces of toxins do not meet the standard of proof needed for a U.N. team of experts waiting to gather their own field evidence.
Weapons inspectors will only determine whether banned chemical agents were used in the two-year-old conflict if they are able to access sites and take soil, blood, urine or tissue samples and examine them in certified laboratories, according to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which works with the United Nations on inspections.
That type of evidence, needed to show definitively if banned chemicals were found, has not been presented by governments and intelligence agencies accusing Syria of using chemical weapons against insurgents.
Obama, Kerry and Hagel will find another way to escalate the shadow war into a full blown U.S.-led war on Syria soon. As soon as Russia retreats agrees? More people of Russia, CIS countries evacuated from Syria
MOSCOW, April 24 (Xinhua) — Russian authorities on Wednesday confirmed that more than 100 citizens of Russia and of members on the Commonwealth of Independent States were evacuated from Syria and they in the same day boarded a plane to head for home.
“An IL-62 plane left Latakia for Moscow with 104 people onboard, ” said Irina Rossius, a spokeswoman for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry. The plane, with passengers mostly women and children, would arrive in Moscow at about midnight local time ( 2000 GMT). Latakia is a port city in Syria.
Was Boston the leverage Obama/Brzezinski (creator of the Afghan mujahideen and leader of a now wiped-from-the-internet group Peace for Chechyna) needed to convince Russia or is this all just a coincidence? And if this is all conjecture and Cechnya is the lastest emerging threat to the U.S., why isn’t Kerry concerned?

State Dept Skips House Committee Hearing Over Russia/Chechnya
Today there was a hearing of the Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threat Subcommittee in the House. A couple of the members and even one of the panelists were dismayed that there was not any State Department representation there to testify.
And why is Obama still hosting Muslim Brotherhood friendly leaders at the White House?
Finally, don’t forget a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. front group CAIR was recently put in place by Obama elected to lead the U.S. funded, armed and trained Syrian jihadists rebels.
These aren’t random events folks.

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