Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Gov. Huckabee,

Yesterday when I opened the Jerusalem Post I saw a copy your full-page Gush Katif address printed for those of us who live in Israel.  It was a lovely surprise at first but then, I realized that it should not have been- because you are always ready to support us no matter where you are.
We know what a dedicated and loyal friend you are - one who truly understands our history and our rights to this land.  At a time when Israel has so many enemies and anti-Semitism is once again rearing its ugliness worldwide, your vision and courage in speaking out is so appreciated.
At this particular time, we are again being pressured to agree to the creation of yet another terrorist apartheid state - this one 'Palestine' - in the heartland of our democratic precious ancient homeland!  Would such an outrageous demand be made of any other country - and would that country agree?!
Thank you for being such a good friend. I do look forward to your next visit and hope that I will be able to meet you again.  Meanwhile, I shall watch you on Fox!
(We have met a couple of times in Jerusalem - at the David Citadel Hotel - when you were here with groups.  I am the author of "WE SHAKE IN A QUAKE" - the book about the natural disaster - quite appropriate in this part of the world!)
Chana (Hannah) Givon
in beloved Jerusalem
Israel Co-Chairperson
Unity Coalition for Israel  (UCI)
Member of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

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