Monday, February 11, 2013

Egypt is also pushing "forced consumerism" on Gaza!

Elder of Ziyon

Right as Al Monitor published a truly absurd anti-Israel screed blaming Israel for providing Gazan merchants with high-quality Israeli goods that some Gazans cannot afford, Palestine Times published a photo essay of a new "mall" in Rafah.

I wouldn't call it a mall; it seems more like a well-=stocked warehouse store where smuggled Egyptian goods are sold to Gazans. I couldn't find a single Hebrew word on any of the many, many goods pictured.

The goods being sold seem to be the same types of things sold at other Gaza stores that are sourced in Israel - candy and cosmetics and packaged food.

So is Egypt forcing Gazans in Rafah to buy consumer goods from them? Are Egyptians profiting from their "occupation" of Rafah? (Since the definition of "occupation" means, in the Israel-haters' minds, "enforcing a border with Gaza....", then Egypt is an illegal occupier of Gaza as well.)

Ah,  I forgot the first two rules of journalism in the territories:

Israel is always guilty, and only Israel is guilty.

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