Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama More Unpopular in Israel than 4 Years Ago

In 2008, 49 percent of Israelis supported McCain and 31 percent of Israelis supported Obama. In 2012, Obama is down to 21 percent support while Romney is at 48 percent.
The difference clearly down not come down to Romney’s popularity. Nor is it about Obama’s Muslim roots. It is very clearly about his foreign policy. But it’s also about Israel’s more conservative voting demographics.

Israelis have hardly any gender gap when it comes to Obama. He ranks at 21 percent with women and 23 percent with men– so that in a reversal, more Israeli women than men dislike Obama. Among conservative voters, Obama polls between 5 and 7 percent. Among voters to the left, he polls at 41 percent, which should also tell you how badly the Israeli left has shrunk that these voters have only a marginal impact on the national average.

Religion also plays a role. Among the religious voters often referred to as Ultra-Orthodox, Obama ranks at 3 percent. Romney’s visit to Israel appears to have played a positive role as he scores 71 percent among these voters. Romney’s own religion and traditional lifestyle may help him win such sweeping support among Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel… and possibly the United States.

Among traditional Jews, a category implying religious belief without devout commitment, Obama polls at 20 percent. Even among the secular he only polls at 31.

While Jewish Democrats go around peddling a fake video titled, “What Israelis Think of Obama”, these are the real numbers that show what Israelis think of Obama… and they aren’t good.

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