Sunday, April 29, 2012

Talking points concerning Obama's anti-Israel policies

Obama's 20+ year membership in rev. jeremiah wright's jew-hating united trinity church of christ in chicago. would anyone ever think of voting for a KKK member of 20 years?

His closeness to Louis Farrakhan, Father Pfleger, Bernadine Dohrn, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rashid Klhalidi, Edward Said, Robert Malley and his funding for the "Arab American Action Nework" in Chicago have never been adequately explained.

 According to Koranic law, having a muslim father , automatically makes the offspring Muslim, as well. why no outcry from Muslims calling for his death, as decreed n Koranic law for his conversion to Christianity?

 In 2008, in a broadcast on NYTimes' columnist Nicholas Kristof's show, Obama recited, by heart, in perfect Arabic, a Koranic prayer and stated it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music he had ever heard. Obama's first international phone call from the white house was to the terrorist leader of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas.

 His speeches in Cairo and in Turkey glorified Islam, never calling for an end to Muslim terror.

 Obama's speech to the UN in 2010 promised a Palestinian state in a year. He encouraged Palestinians to fight for statehood and to refuse to negotiate with Israel unless "settlements" were removed.

Obama joined the Organization of Islamic Conference by appointing a radical Islamist to represent us. Hillary spoke before this group in DC. recently.
 Susan Rice's veto of  Security Council resolution condemning Israel for its settlements  was preceded and followed by her statements supporting such a motion.

Hillary Clinton also shrilly and vehemently voiced opposition to settlements;

Obama urged Israel to apologize to turkey for its prevention of flotilla to reach Gaza

 After Gaza war, begun by Hamas, Hillary promised 1.5 billion aid to Gaza (Hamas)

Obama joined the UN's Human Rights committee which GWB refused to do because of its Anti-Israel stance

 Obama joined UNRSCO, which recognized Palestine which was against Congress' will.

 Obama demands Israel return to '48 borders before negotiations begin.

 Obama is silent on Hamas and Palestinian Authority (PLO) reconciliation.

 Obama has made no demands on the PA to remove Israel/Jew hating from its textbooks, yet does not hesitate to demand Israeli concessions to Palestinians

 Obama's poor treatment, dislike and "open mic" demeaning of Netanyahu is legendary

 Obama has ordered the removal of all terms in government statements, when discussing acts of terror, the words, "Islamic terror," "Muslim," or "Koran." the Pentagon investigation of Major Hasan's shooting of fellow troops at Ft. Hood, decided this act of terror was a "workplace shooting  incidence."

Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin's mother is leader of the Muslim Brotherhood's group for women in Arabia and her brother is MB leader in Oxford, England. Her late father founded the MB unit in Western Michigan University. She has top security clearance. She is the wife of former demised Dem Congressman, Anthony Weiner.

 Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Libya and Egypt and still funds Egypt.

James Clapper, the "Director of National Intelligence" stated publicly, that the Muslim Brotherhood is "largely secular."

 Obama is silent as Egypt's new MB rulers threaten to break 1979, Sadat' Peace Treaty with Israel.

Obama is silent as Grand Mufti of Palestinian Authority calls for slaughter of Jews.

 Head of FBI, Robert Mueller, met secretly with members of CAIR, MSA, NAIT, ISNA and other domestic members of MB in order to get their views on terrorism.

Obama winked and nodded at Iran's scrambling for nuclear weapons.

Obama will permit them to acquire "peaceful nuclear facilities"

 Joint Israel/US. military exercises canceled so as not to "offend" Iran.

Israel has ceased sharing intelligence with US  on Iran.

Obama warns Israel not to attack Iran.

Obama has leaked Israel's intentions and plans to attack Iran and sends military and political officials to Israel to warn them not to attack.

The "Bunker Buster" bombs recently sent by US to Israel were ordered by GWB in 2007 which are now obsolete and Israel is building its own weapons to penetrate

Iranian caves, hundreds of feet beneath granite. Obama will not supply Israel with our latest weapons to bomb Iran.

Obama's budgets for the last three years have reduced funding for Israel's Anti Missile Systems. Israel is producing its own arsenal of such weapons. Congress is seeing to it that we still fund Israel's defenses, Not Obama 

 If Obama wins a second term, all bets are off as to Israel. as he told Russian President Medvedev, "when I win my next term, I'll be able to be flexible!"
 How long can Jews stay in denial?

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