Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reaction of the the Jewish Community of Hebron to the court decision concerning the building in Tel Rumeida

David Wilder The court decision concerning the house in Tel Rumeida explicitly states that the death sentence threatens all Arabs selling property to Jews in Hebron. The Israeli government does nothing to deal with this anti-Semitic law, and even cooperates with it. As a result, even though we paid for the house with our legal tender, we encountered many difficulties in proving the transaction, the first we had made in recent years. Simultaneously to receipt of the judgment, we recently revealed an indictment filed last year by the prosecutor’s office.. The indictment expressly states that the Jewish community in Hebron paid legal tender for the house in Tel Rumeida, and had no part in any fraud or forgery. We on our part, as a result of this acquisition, have since the reviewed and improved methods by which we examine purchase documents and deeds, as well as collecting and preserving evidence, methods utilized in later purchases. However, the government should put an end to side to this intolerable situation, whereby every purchase of a house by Jews in Hebron becomes an obstacle course. We will study the court’s decision and and the corresponding indictment, and will consider our options accordingly.

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