Monday, August 15, 2011

Social Justice for All: Incarcerated Palestinian Terrorists Salary Increase

Jameel @ The Muqata at 8/15/2011

The Yisrael Hayom newspaper (page 7) and Israel's Channel B Radio reported this morning that Israel has notified that United States of America that the Palestinian Authority has increased the "salaries" of convicted Palestinian terrorists currently serving time in Israeli prisons for attacks on Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

The Palestinian Authority now provides the following monthly salaries to every single convicted Palestinian terrorist in Israeli prisons, based on the amount of time they need to serve for their crimes: convictions up to 3 years in prison: 1400 NIS/month
3 - 5 years: 2000 NIS/month
5 - 10 years: 4000 NIS/month
10 - 15 years: 6000 NIS/month
15 to 20 years: 10,000 NIS/month
20 - 30 years: 12,000 NIS/month

These royalty salaries comprise 3.5% of the Palestinian Authority's monthly operating budget which is financed 50% by the USA, and 50% by "donor countries."

In addition, families of imprisoned Palestinian terrorists are entitled to special monthly stipends from the PA, and even higher monthly bonus salaries go to those Palestinian terrorists who are also Arab citizens of Israel

The UK's Daily Mail reported that the British Government is annually providing 5 million pounds of funding to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, out of the annual 86 million pounds sterling worth of "aid" to the Palestinian Authority till the year 2015.

Social Justice for All!

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