Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Checkpoints Harrass? Not Really



Israel Border Police uncover explosives ready to be used in a Palestinian terrorist's bag. Other weaponry was recently found at the same checkpoint

Israel Border Police forces discovered five pipe bombs and three Molotov cocktails ready to be thrown in a Palestinian terrorist's bag at the Tapuach checkpoint, south of Nablus on Tuesday (Mar. 8).

Now recall the whining about those interfering checkpoints as well as this UN claim - "The absence of a satisfactory security explanation for these checkpoints leads to the inevitable conclusion that they are principally designed to humiliate and harass the Palestinian people": 2006:

Israeli checkpoints in West Bank frustrate Palestinians


In West Bank, Checkpoints Splinter Palestinian Economy


Israelis Agree to Reduce West Bank Roadblocks


Israel's military has eased some of its checkpoints in the occupied West Bank in recent weeks and agreed to allow Palestinian security forces more room to operate. The moves reflect a growing Israeli confidence in the actions of the Palestinian forces...

And contemplate these security 'experts':

Israeli generals oppose checkpoints

Former Israeli generals say roadblocks in the occupied West Bank feed "terrorism".

So, are you for or against checkpoints?

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