Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A response to Judith Miller's inteview re Imam Rauf‏

Dear Bill,

As an American at present living in Jerusalem, Israel, participating in a think tank here, I look forward to watching Fox News as the network with the greatest effort in balanced news reporting.

On occasion, I would love to pop through the screen and correct someone being interviewed; this occurred today during your discussion with Judith Miller about the Imam Rauf and his push to build the mosque at GZ, Ms. Miller stated that this is the first time that she has heard some of his attitudes so angrily expressed. Bill, in this regard, I am forwarding the following link to you for the National Review Online piece entitled "One Imam, Multiple Messages". While I understand that it is not possible to know all the facts I am sure that you would agree that those in reporting positions should make every effort to investigate as fully as possible.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we have heard some snap judgment remarks from Ms. Miller. I do hope that a gentle suggestion to her will be constructive.

Again, Bill, yours is one of the best programs!

Good wishes from
Chana Givon

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