Sunday, June 13, 2010

Obama threatens our future

President threatens Israel’s security with his statements, acts, and silence

Yiron Festinger
PIsrael Opinion

While tens of thousands of Turkish protestors chant anti-Semitic Nazi-style battle cries, on top of Prime Minister Erdogan’s wild incitement (which even outdid Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric,) and while all Muslim world radicals join forces in a venomous, unprecedented anti-Israel campaign, the deafening silence of the Obama-led United States is especially conspicuous. his is the same US Administration that only months ago raised a hue and cry over the “grave insult to America” as result of the declaration of Ramat Shlomo construction, a neighborhood in no-man’s land that is not even located in east Jerusalem, turning the affair into a direct, hypocritical, deliberate, and ugly confrontation with the Israeli government.

Yet as it turns out, the calls for Israel’s destruction in the wake of the Turkish incitement campaign do not constitute an “insult” for America. They are merely a great “success” for Obama’s policy of currying favor with radical Islam; in the president’s view, as long as the protestors burn Israeli flags rather than American flags, his “success” is proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Ever since he emerged from the radical margins of the American Left and managed to win the presidency on the strength of his rhetorical talents, Obama had been acting methodically in order to undermine America’s status as the world’s lone superpower. He has been doing it by neutralizing the use of force, utilizing international institutions, over-legalization, endless chatter about human rights, and so on and so forth. This delusional liberal policy views the US as the reason and cause for the globe’s problems, rather than as the most successful enterprise in human history, as historian Paul Johnson noted.

A side observer could examine the madness that has overcome America’s leadership with curious consternation, yet we Israelis do not have the privilege to play the role of side observers. Every Obama move has a significant effect for us and undermines our very existence. This ranges from statements defining terror as a manmade disaster, to the observation that there is no such thing as radical Islam and that it has no connection to attempted attacks in the US, as declared by Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Meanwhile, the president’s counter-terrorism advisor argued that Jihad is a “legitimate tenet of Islam” and that terrorists are “victims of political, economic and social forces."

On top of this, we see the US Administration’s denial and the turning of a blind eye to actual terror acts. This happened in respect to the doctor who murdered 13 US soldiers and wounded dozens of others, while shouting “allahu akbar”; officials claimed he is no terrorist, even though he maintained ties with al-Qaeda, and that the attack was motivated by rage; if that’s the case, Israel’s prisons are full of enraged people who aren’t terrorists.

Most hostile president in US history
Then there is the desire to bring to justice CIA investigators for using harsh interrogation techniques against the masterminds of the Twin Towers attacks – that is, ticking time bombs who revealed further conspiracies of that sort during their interrogation. Where does this leave our Shin Bet investigators then, and who will be finding themselves in the International Court of Justice in The Hague first?

In the pathetic, miserable speech delivered by Obama in Cairo, where he embarrassed the Egyptian government by demanding that the Muslim Brothers – the spiritual father figures of al-Qaeda – also be invited to hear him wax poetic, the president in adopted fact Ahmadinejad’s thesis: The Jews suffered in the Holocaust and the Palestinians have been suffering ever since then. Israel was established because of the Shoah.

The only thing left shrouded in fog is the conclusion that stems from this distorted view, expressed by Ahmadinejad and accepted by European Union leaders behind closed doors: Israel’s establishment was a historical mistake, and it is not too late yet to turn back the wheel.

All of the above was further supplemented by the weak policy vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclearization effort, to the point where even Syrian President Assad dared say that America no longer exists in the Middle East, and is being replaced by Turkey, Iran, and Syria. Meanwhile, the US Administration allowed repeated UN votes against Israel, as well as the calls for the Jewish State’s nuclear disarmament.

Prime Minister Netanyahu should not be envied over the challenge posed by the most hostile president in US history; a president who makes the anti-Semite Jimmy Carter look like a Righteous Gentile. However, we should be calling a spade a spade and informing the public of the truth, even if this truth is disturbing, painful, and bitter.

We must make it clear to our many supporters in the US that this president, by viewing America and its ally Israel as the reason for all the world’s problems, threatens our very existence here. We should not be surprised to see the anti-Semitic franticness and ecstasy that has taken hold in the Muslim world, to the point where even moderate Arab states headed by Egypt feel threatened by America’s policy, prompting Vice President Biden to arrive for a reassuring visit.

Top Bush Administration official Elliott Abrams argued that another Islamist attack on US soil may change Obama’s policy somewhat. Yet the only change we can expect in such case would be blaming Israel as the direct cause for the “justified Muslim rage” against the US,” thereby only radicalizing the hostile policy of the serving president.

Israel has tens of millions of mostly non-Jewish supporters in the US, Abrams said. It would be good to make the grave results of his actions clear to them immediately, as well as the kinds of grave dangers that threaten our very existence because of his policy.

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