Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear PM Netanyahu

I am one of those who voted for you. My choice was based on two things - a) the trust that I had in those well respected individuals included in your coalition and b) your promises to maintain a strong policy as regards the security of Israel and your willingness to stand up to pressures put upon Israel. Now I find myself questioning your ability to stick to those promises. While President Obama's numbers have fallen drastically in the U.S. for several reasons -including foreign policy - it appears that your govern-ment is acquiescing to his arrogant and inappropriate demands of more and more concessions by Israel.
Indeed, each time we give in we are praised. The more we give, the more obvious it appears that we do not have faith in our deserving anything! When will it be enough to satisfy the rapacious appetite of others?!!

Sir, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!~! We need no more proof that Obama is not a friend of Israel. He has continuously shown his allegiance to Muslims; he identifies with them as in his speech in Cairo. Many of his closest advisers have long records of being anti-Israel. Obama has made NO demands of our enemies.
Our sovereign government has been treated with contempt. Our officials - including you, PM Netanyahu,
have been insulted - and this is an affront to all of Israel. Obama - while insisting that he is 'pro-Israel' and that our security is important to the U.S., has created conditions for our many enemies to attack us verbally and militarily. Our Ambassador to the US has also whitewashed the Obama tactics against Israel; this is unfortunate 'political correctness'.

We know, too, that President Obama is urging the inclusion of Tzipi Livni in your coalition. She is the one whom we can thank for 1701 and the rearming of Hizbollah! In the Jerusalem Post today we read that you have approached her regarding inclusion in a 'unity government'. I vehemently object to this because it will set us on a more dangerous track and appease the U.S. once again. Frankly, I find Ehud Barak's friendship with Obama more than a little uncomfortable for the same reasons.

PM Netanyahu, it is the citizens of Israel with whom you must keep faith. Former friends- like Turkey - teach us that we can depend upon ourselves only. We must get out our narrative so that those who are open to the facts will hear our side and not just the other; in this regard, several successive Israeli administrations have failed miserably. We MUST point out that we are fighting the same war as the rest of the West; it is the battle of civilizations. We are the bulwark of democracy in a neighborhood of terrorism. Iran would like nothing better than a regional haven for radical Islam from which to attack Europe and the U.S. Again, that message is not stressed sufficiently.

I truly hope that you will take these points seriously, Mr. PM, and you will find strong grassroots support for this.


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