Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deputy FM Ayalon travels to Slovakia to press on Iran and Goldstone report

The visit is part of Israel's ongoing efforts to assemble a 'moral majority' against the Goldstone report when it returns to the United Nations.

(Communicated by the Bureau of Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon)

Yesterday, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon completed an official visit to Slovakia as part of Israel's ongoing efforts to assemble a 'moral majority' against the Goldstone report when it returns to the United Nations
The Deputy Foreign Minister also discussed the importance of a strong stance towards the Iranian regime in his meetings with his Slovakian counterparts, Prime Minister Robert Fico, Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak and State Secretary Diana Strofova. In the evening the Deputy Foreign Minister addressed the annual Righteous Amongst the Nations ceremony and presented awards to this year's recipients in Bratislava.

"We appreciate Slovakia's role in voting against the Goldstone Report and with the rest of the EU for taking a firm stance on Iran," Ayalon told his hosts. "Just as we commemorated Slovakian righteous gentiles, so we once again see Slovakians who are not standing idly by and are taking a firm stand on fighting against extremism and intolerance."

"The most important issue is that we must not be silent in the face of tyranny, extremism and terrorism. Just like 65 years ago when there was a small group of people who stood against Nazism, so today we seek a moral and qualitative majority to stand against the automatic majority. We know it can cost nations to show bravery and decency, but it remains the right thing to do. This is why I felt it was important to present the Righteous Among the Nations awards to those who helped the Jewish people when they needed it most. These people demonstrated hope in humanity and the ability to hold on to the values that we hold dear."

The Deputy Foreign Minister also discussed the situation in the Middle East with the Slovakian officials and thanked them for their strong friendship and standing with Israel. "Slovakia, as a member of the EU, NATO, a Member of the Human Rights Council and other important international bodies can play a unique role in joining like-minded nations against those who seek to slander and act against the Jewish State," Ayalon said.

During his speech at the Righteous Among the Nations ceremony the Deputy Foreign Minister compared the situation before the Holocaust to today. "Just as the Holocaust was predated by delegitimization and demonization of the Jewish People, so we see today another regime using words, education and the media to prepare the way for a new Holocaust while denying the past," said Ayalon.

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