Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cry Palestine, Stand Proud Israel

Ari Bussel

Our last Postcard, sent just before the dawn of the Jewish year 5770, talks about healthcare in the USA, a system that is faulty and failing due to the burden of bureaucrats and less-than-capable workforce, enormous pressures of frivolous lawsuits and those who cannot afford to see a doctor but visit the emergency rooms instead and the boundless greed of pharmaceutical companies. Other than the title (“A Hospital Visit”) and the name of the series (“Postcards from Israel – Postcards from America”), there was little connection, if any, between the Postcard and Israel.

Once posted online, a Postcard assumes a life of its own, arriving at strange yet fascinating destinations not intended and often unimagined. I was quite surprised to see “A Hospital Visit” posted on “Palestine Cry.” The name intrigued me, so I ventured a visit.

I was immediately greeted by the colors of the flag of the people who were dancing in the streets of the “occupied land” on a fine Tuesday morning eight years ago. They were celebrating the live broadcast of two twin buildings collapsing in New York City, although later they would call it a Zionist scheme and blame the Jews for its execution.

As the world came to a halt, from air traffic to financial systems, they were in the streets having a field day. More recently, in demonstrations here in Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere, the same colors adorned posters against the United States of America. In the name of “free speech,” all is allowed: The President was called a “Murderer,” those carrying the posters yearned for Sharia Law (here in the USA) and red color was dripping from the flags they were about to desecrate.

So I read with amusement: “The purpose of Palestine Cry is to expose the inutterably vile onslaught by the NWO, led by the American neo Fascist-Russian Communist-Chinese Communist: Triad, via their Zionist genocide committed upon Palestine (the Naqba) and the whole Arab Homeland, especially Iraq, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and every place else they foul with their evil presence. We especially appreciate those individuals and sites that have told the truth no matter what the opposition has been. God bless you, and we know He has and will. FREE PALESTINE AND THE WHOLE ARAB HOMELAND AND THE ENTIRE REGION.”

Most impressed I was with the definition of Greater Palestine, which for some odd reason resounded the message of the Bible about the Land of the Israelites, the Promise of G-d and His Covenant to His people.

If a Jewish person wrote the same, he would immediately have been branded a “right wing extremist.” But here all is permitted in the name of free speech, and the creation of the State of Israel is apparently tantamount to the beginning of a genocide committed against humanity.

So as Palestine Cries, I could not have neglected to notice, again with utter amazement, how “Lord Jesus Christ, Lord,” has been brought into the plight of the people of Palestine – “the Holy Land and all of the Fertile Crescent, especially Iraq, and all from Rabat to Islamabad.”

If only those who created and maintain the site realized that the number of Christians (especially, but not only, practicing believers) has been diminishing in an accelerated pace throughout Muslim lands. The phenomenon is most evident in Bethlehem, birthplace of Christ, ever since the Palestinian Authority took charge, and in Lebanon, where Christians once constituted a majority. It remains to ask oneself why!

But the point is not accuracy or even factual historical information. Mix every sound bite possible, including the Judeo-Christian God, and accuse the Zionists of “Persecution” and “Genocide.” Conclude by saying that “God gave the right to life, no man may take it away” and your website will enjoy constant traffic of liberals, progressives and hoards of anti-Semites.

If anyone were permitted to ask a question, a highly unlikely proposition, one should pose a single question like “so which all-merciful god encourages his believers to go and blow themselves up in crowded pizzerias, malls and discotheques?”

I thought for a second this is a new scheme to discredit those who believe in God and who value life more than they value death. Then I realized that the Postcard was taken from a progressive, liberal central-site, and for some odd reason, no one bothered to read it, assuming that like the majority of other articles there, “A Hospital Visit” too is an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semite attack on the Jews, thus a sure candidate for inclusion of this site.

May those who actually bother to read “A Hospital Visit” be driven to do something good unto others. May they stop to think for a second, thus possibly arriving at the far-reaching conclusion that the Big Satan and the Small Devil are made of people like them who share similar concerns and aspirations. An impossibility?

Hatred spread against the Jewish People and Israel does not stop there. Nonsense and ignorance will target whatever is conveniently on their way, so get ready – you do not need to be Jewish to be prepared. Protect all that is dear to you, and you will soon realize that Israel is the gatekeeper, standing firm at the entrance of the Free World, protecting Western Society and our sanity for the benefit of all.

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