Friday, August 28, 2009

Mesika: Close Down 'Peace Now'

by Hillel Fendel Mesika
A7 News

Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council chief Gershon Mesika calls on the government to outlaw Peace Now and other organizations that are funded by foreign governments. Peace Now is currently suing against 15 new homes in Kiryat Netafim. “Organizations funded by foreign governments whose objective is to cause internal division in Israel should be closed down,” Mesika said last week, after a Peace Now tour of Samaria. Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon participated in what Mesika called the Peace Now “provocation.”

Continuing its incessant campaign against Jewish presence in Yesha, Peace Now has submitted a court petition demanding a halt to construction of 15 homes in Kiryat Netafim. Peace Now claims that part of the land is privately owned by Arabs.

Founded in 1984, the religious-Zionist Kiryat Netafim is home to over 100 families. It is located in central Samaria, between Ariel and Elkanah, near Yakir, Revavah and Barkan.

“Peace Now has a very smart system,” a source close to Mesika told Israel National News. “They find a local Arab who can claim, however dubiously, that the land is his, then they file a stop-construction suit, and then the courts immediately say, ‘Stop work now, and we’ll investigate afterwards.’”

Mesika on the Attack

"This suit is a classic example of the lying and hypocrisy of Peace Now,” Mesika responded to the group's latest move. “The construction in question is in an area zoned for residence in the town's master plan that was written up 25 years ago. The houses are on town property and are not on Arab lands at all.”

Moving to the broader view, Mesika said, "This is our historic homeland, and we have every moral and legal right to live and grow here. If we can't live here in the Shomron, what right do we have to be in Tel Aviv?"

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