Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comments on PM Netanyahu's speech - from Israel

Submitted by Chana Givon, Jun 28, 2009 19:26

Dear Dr. Pipes,

Now that the long-awaited speech by PM Netanyahu has been delivered - with a bow to President Obama's demand re a 'Palestinian' state - we wonder what the American leader is prepared to do regarding Iran. We recognize his attempt to falsely link that country with the creation of an Arab state in Palestine. If it is the same as his belated response to the dangers of a more advanced threat of No. Korea - sanctions - then the world, including Israel, has gained little.. Iran is still behind in perfecting its nuclear capability and strict sanctions would be more likely to have an effect - if anything can - before it achieves its goal and threat to annihilate Israel. Those of us who have followed Obama's m.o. see him as one whose 'talk' is far greater than his 'walk'. It is as though by ignoring certain crises they will disappear.This does not demonstrate the strength that is required these days in coping with the creeping global danger of a radical ideology.

Now the question remains as to what is going to be required of Abbas. To this point, he has reneged on every demand made of them in the so-called 'peace process'. That empty expression should be discarded; it has been proven meaningless. A 'process' implies give and take on both sides - compromise - until an agreement is reached with neither side getting everything that it wants.

Time after time, Israel has been the only side to be held to more than the letter of the law. The Arab leadership has refused outright to disarm terrorists and disband them. Each time Israel has made 'painful concessions in the interest of peace' it has been the recipients of more vicious terrorism by an emboldened enemy. Israel's release of hundreds of terrorists has also brought little comfort to its families who have been deprived of comfort and closure by not knowing the whereabouts and welfare of their captured loved ones.

Israel's enemies have not lived up to the minimal laws of war ; the International Red Cross has not been permitted visitation rights or any kind of contact with a young soldier like Gilad Shalit. This is simply inhuman yet the world does little to force adherence to law. The U.N., created with such hope, has been proven to be useless; it has been hijacked by ruthless anti-Israel countries. Knowing that, we must wonder why President Obama is attempting to work through such an organization that has falsely validated and passed more resolutions against the Jewish state than any other country while ignoring more blatant examples of inhumanity such as Darfur.

The much publicized 'fresh start' that the present American administration has pursued with the Islamic world is about to be tested. The President's new path has been hailed by Abbas, Fatah, and Hamas, the terrorist entities who openly supported his candidacy and continue to do so, expressing satisfaction at finally having a president who 'understands' and will deliver for them. Abbas has the expectation that the US will pressure Israel to acquiescence to the PA demands. Now Mr. Obama has an opportunity to demonstrate whether or not the new path that he has chosen will enable him to make the necessary demand of his new admirers.

PM Netanyahu spoke eloquently; even at the risk of antagonizing many of his supporters who see danger in his offer to the Arabs. They remember too well Sharon's 14 reservations before agreeing to the Road Map and the fact that they were ignored. Israelis have not forgotten this shameful betrayal and it cannot be repeated. The ball is in President Obama's court.


Chana Givon

Jerusalem, Israel

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