Saturday, January 10, 2009

War Crimes

Ben Dror Yemini

So what exactly is our story with the bombs and civilians injuries? Are we the most evil element in the world, as the Evil and Stupidity Front claims, from Professor Noam Chomsky and Jose Saramago, through Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah, and up to some of the moviemakers and authors, among us too, that agree that Israel commits crimes against humanity?

A short historical reminder. This time we won't say a word about Muslims
that butcher Muslims. We got used to it. The Muslims, especially in the
eyes of the Left, are the retarded kids of the world. From them there is
no need to demand responsibility, morale, international law. They are

This time we will deal with the West. We won't head as far as the bombing
of Dresden.
We'll go to recent history. It happened in 1999. Just 7 years
ago. Milosevic irritated the Free World when he tried to take control of
Kosovo. NATO started bombing. Following is an incomplete list of the
injuries. Just of civilian ones.

On April 12th . 12 killed in a bombing of a civilian train; on April 14th
. 70 refugees are killed in a .hunt after warriors.. NATO forces admit
that they find it hard to estimate the number of casualties; Apri 27th .
16 civilians are killed. Two missiles diverted from their course; April
28th . A stray missile reaches a peaceful neighborhood in Sophia, capital
of Bulgaria. May 1st . 27 killed in a bombing of a bus on a bridge in
Belgrade. According to other claims 47 were killed. All of them civilians;
May 6th . 15 civilians are killed in the town of Nis in Yugoslavia; on May 7th
. the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is erroneously bombed. 3 civilians were
killed; May 13th . at least 100 civilians are killed in the village of
Korisa. Burnt bodies of kids are presented in the world media. NATO.s
spokesman announces that the bombings were against .legitimate military
targets.. May 19th . NATO airplanes are bombing the Belgrade hospital. At
least 3 patients end their lives; May 30th . 11 civilians are killed in
the bombing of a bridge. They were on their way to the local market. On
the same day the NATO bombers manage to bomb an old age home, causing the
death of 20 of its residents; on May 31st another 11 civilians are killed
in a bombing.

NATO, by the way, spread leaflets telling the civilians that bridges are
about to be bombed. Obviously that didn't help. Does this reminds
something to somebody? There was a general sorrow for hurting innocents,
but nobody dreamt of a cease fire. The bombings continued. It took months.
Not days or weeks. The determination proved itself. Milosovic was forced
to accept the international terms.

We've been in this situation before

Let's continue to November 2004. The Ivory Coast Air Force
attacked rebel concentrations. Since when does anybody count black people
at all? That's it, to the bombers. bad luck 9 French were killed by
accident. Soldiers. Not civilians. The French were angry. So angry that
they wiped out the entire Ivory Coat Air Force and took control of the
country.s airport. And that was only the beginning. When it was the
natives. turn to get angry, the French were sure to enforce order in a
very aggressive way, which included killing 27 protesters.

Now let's go back and discuss the proportions. Milosovic didn't announce
that he intends to destroy all of Europe. The Ivory Coast didn't announce
that its intention is to destroy France. And yet, the reactions of NATO
and French were harsh and hard. The Security Council did not call for a
cease fire. Au contraire. It was obvious that it's necessary to get rid of
the bad guy in the story. It took a lot of time. In the end he had to

We should be sorry for every innocent that gets hurt. The question is
whether somebody has invented a formula in which it.s possible to battle
evil without hurting the innocents. In NATO they didn.t find that formula.
In France neither. When we get to Israel the rules are being changed.
Israel is required to restrain itself. Why? After all Nasrallah is much
more dangerous than Milosovic. The Hezbollah is not a guerilla
organization. It.s an organization that possesses long-range missiles. In
normal countries the state has an army. In the case of Lebanon, Hezbollah
has a state. The Hezbollah controls Lebanon and Iran controls the
Hezbollah. And also develops nuclear weapons, and also announces that it
wants to wipe Israel off the map.

These are just declarations, the members of the Evil Front will tell us,
the stupidity and reconciliation, those signed on various petitions. If we
will just turn over the second cheek, Ahmandinejad and Nasrallah will send
us flowers.

We've been in this situation before. We have the right to prevent it from

Written by Ben-Dror Yamini
Translated to English by Oren Douek

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