Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Letters to the Editor-LA Times

Dear Editor,

Eyad El-Sarraj is perfectly correct to complain that a catastrophe is taking place in Gaza. But I don’t imagine that his life would be worth a nickel if he gave the real reason. The responsibility for the shortages and instability is not Israel that could have retaliated in kind to the thousands of rockets launched at its communities instead of choosing to close the border. It is the belligerency of the Hamas government that as a proxy of Iran’s mad plan to wipe Israel off the map has officially chosen war with its neighbor. To then complain that Israel won’t treat Gaza’s sick or send more food or provide better electrical service is bizarre. There has never been another instance in history when one country at war demanded that the other country supply it with essential services. The final irony is that Israel left Gaza and turned it over to the Gazans. Instead of creating a functioning state, the Gazans saw Israel’s evacuation as weakness and shipped its exports (rockets and kidnappings to Israel) in hopes to force further evacuations.

Sincerely yours,

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