Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jimmy Carter to Meet Hamas Chief in Syria

Ezra HaLevi

Former United States President Jimmy Carter is planning to meet with the head of the Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

According to the Al-Hayat Arabic paper, Carter is planning to meet with Khaled Mashaal, who heads Hamas from Damascus, Syria, during a visit to the country in the coming weeks.

The meeting, the paper said, is scheduled for April 18.Carter, who during his presidency brokered talks between Egypt and Israel that resulted in Israel relinquishing half of the territory liberated in the Six Day War to Egypt, has recently become openly hostile to the Jewish State.

Carter recently penned a book accusing Israel of being an apartheid state. In his lectures, he has also endorsed increasingly prominent conspiracy theories attributing America’s woes in Iraq and Islamist terrorism in general to Israel’s policies and the perceived omnipotence of the Israel lobby.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz wrote that Carter's book "is so filled with simple mistakes of fact and deliberate omissions that were it a brief filed in a court of law, it would be struck and its author sanctioned for misleading the court."

Carter’s press secretary Deanna Congileo, told Fox News that Carter will indeed be visiting the region in April and would not deny that a visit with the infamous terror chief is planned.

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