Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gov't Refuses to Link Merkaz HaRav Murder and Guns Given to PA

Hillel Fendel

Likud Knesset faction chairman MK Gideon Saar submitted an "urgent query" to the Knesset regarding last month's terrorist slaughter in which eight Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav students were gunned down. He wanted to know if Israel supplied the murder weapon to the PA - and did not receive an answer.

Saar asked where the terrorist, a resident of eastern Jerusalem who did not have a license to carry a weapon, received the Kalachnikov that he used for the murders. "Does the security establishment know from where the terrorist received his weapon?" Saar asked. "Was this a weapon that was given to the Palestinian Authority by the Government of Israel?" In accordance with accepted Knesset procedure, the Minister Responsible for Liaison with the Knesset, Ruchama Avraham-Belila, took the forum to respond, and said as follows:

"This was a murderous and lowly attack by an evil degenerate who came in to murder students while they were studying Torah. This was a shocking and appalling incident. After checking your question with the relevant bodies, I can answer you the following at this point, though it might not be enough for you: The General Security Service is currently in the middle of investigating the attack, and now, at this stage, all the details are under the veil of the censor. As soon as the investigation concludes, MK Saar, I will be happy to transmit to you all the details of what I know."

In response, Saar said, "I will suffice at this stage by expressing my hope that the Government of Israel will not carry out its intention of submitting thousands more Kalachnikov rifles to the Palestinian Authority, until the answer to my question as to how the terrorist obtained his weapon is answered."

Hero Blames Peres
It will be recalled that just minutes after the murderous attack, Yitzchak Dadon - one of the two heroes who killed the terrorist - was interviewed on several TV and radio stations, and each time he blamed President Shimon Peres and the Israeli government for having given to the PA the rifle that was used to murder the students.

Ever since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, Israel has given thousands of weapons such as Kalachnikov rifles to the PA. The Rabin-Peres government of those days felt that the Palestinian Authority needed to instill law and order, especially with the influx of tens of thousands of PLO terrorists into Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Justifying Israel's giving them thousands of guns, Rabin said at the time, "Fatah will fight Hamas without [the restrictions of] the Supreme Court and B'Tzelem."

Despite the many deaths of Israelis at the hands of Kalachnikov-toting terrorists since then, and despite several "Don’t give them guns!" campaigns by the nationalist camp, the government continues even now to either provide guns or to allow Egypt to send guns to the Palestinian Authority.

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