Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lebanese journalist accuses Hamas of exploiting children – like Khomeini did in the war against Iraq


Hazem Saghaya, a Lebanese journalist and commentator, published an article, "Gaza and the Cry of the Arabs," in which he criticizes Hamas for using children in the war against Israel.

Saghaya reviews the lack of official Arab reaction to Israeli activities in the Gaza Strip, in contrast to the reactions of the Arab public, and concludes that Islamic political movements have lost their influence in Arab society.
Hamas, according to Saghaya, has contributed to the Islamization of the conflict and is responsible for pushing the conflict into its current anti-rational extremism.

Saghaya attacks Hamas for exploiting and sacrificing children for its own purposes: "Palestinian blood is spilled in Gaza at a cheap price …If we are sorry for the civilian and child sacrifices, we should be even angrier at Hamas for using children, just as Khomeini did during the war against Iraq, when he armed children with hand grenades and sent them to their deaths. Those who exploit this blood in order to shout 'Where are the Arabs?' are either lying to themselves, or lying to us as a way of promoting the plans of Iran and Damascus, and that is a crime."

Kuwaiti journalist defends Israel's right to self-defense

Alwatan website, 6 March: In his article, "The Right of Self-defense," Kuwaiti journalist Abdallah Alhadlaq attacks Hamas and Iran.

Alhadlaq writes, "After the escalation on the border with the Gaza Strip, where the terrorist (sic) Hamas rules, and from which they fired rockets and bombs on the town of Sderot and other towns for the purpose of killing innocent civilians, women, children and old people …Israel had no choice but to attack the terrorist organization Hamas in order to prevent it from firing rockets indiscriminately as far as Ashkelon. Israel has the right to pursue the terrorist Hamas leaders and, in so doing, upholds its right to defend itself."

Alhadlaq blames Iran for all of the troubles in the Middle East: "The common denominator for all of the troubles in the Middle East, such as the terrorist organization (sic) Hamas's takeover of the Gaza Strip, and the terrorist Hizbullah's attempts [to control] Lebanon, is the Persian entity in Teheran, which is known to finance the terrorist organizations."

"What would happen if terrorist organizations such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards would acquire nuclear weapons? There is no doubt that [they] would try to force their extremist, fundamentalist regime on every human society and continue to sponsor terrorist organizations all over the world."

Alhadlaq believes there is still time to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and calls on the international community to stop Iran from carrying out its evil designs.

Alhadlaq reiterates "Israel's right to defend itself and its people and its sovereignty against Hamas, which is supported by the Persian regime militarily and financially." He also tells the international community "not to criticize Israel if it continues its fight against Persian terror committed by the terrorist Hamas as long as the latter, incited by Iran, continues launching rockets from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli residents of Sderot, Ashkelon and other towns, and not to criticize Israel for using force to defend its citizens and its territory, even if this causes the total destruction of the terrorist Hamas, an organization that receives its orders from Teheran."

Alhadlaq ends the article, "And, as always, Israel will win despite its small size."

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