Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear President Bush,

The present situation in Gaza - described as 'a humanitarian crisis' is self-made by the terrorist government of Hamas - not by Israel.. Despite your assurances that there is no interference in Israel's affairs the actions of your administration proves otherwise. Secretary of State Rice has no understanding of the real situation; otherwise she would not be pressuring Israel to take suicidal steps to appease the Arabs.

Anyone who studies the history of the region and hears the words of Muslim leaders knows that any concessions by Israel will lead to another Holocaust! The Arabs could long ago have had a state but they want the whole or nothing at all.

When will you realize that the 'Palestine/Israel conflict' is a misnomer and that it is the 'Arab/Israel/West war' with the destruction of Israel to be only the beginning of the end!! The regional conflict is part of the world war being waged by radical Islam and it is not a separate issue. It is the eleventh hour and reality must be acknowledged before it is too late. Ms. Rice is leading the West to a catastrophic end and that will be your legacy - if we survive!!


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