Friday, January 11, 2008

Bush Brands Israel As Aggressor

This afternoon President Bush made a public statement on the "peace process" at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

His statement is making headlines that are damaging to the State of Israel.

For example, he said, "The point of departure for permanent status negotiations...seems clear: There should be an end to the occupation that began in 1967." By making this point, President Bush has let the Palestinians off the hook. While the President refers to the "Roadmap" he is simply giving the Palestinians a free pass on the central provision that the first stage of the Roadmap is the successful end to terror strikes against Israel.

This, everyone knows, has never happened.

Instead Israel is now the aggressor that must make the most important concessions. Israel must move its defense forces out of what Bush calls the occupied territories. Israel security concerns are skimmed over with statements calling on the Palestinians to control terror. Something they have never done.

And to add insult to injury Bush clearly states that he believes Israel must loosen its control of Jerusalem.

The Bush Administration has gone from treating Israel as an ally against our nation's common enemies to pressuring Israel to make dangerous concessions when there is no partner for peace.

Little Green Footballs calls Bush's initiatives The State of Delusion.

Bush's change of course can not go unanswered. If you have not signed our petition to save a united Jerusalem please do so and pass it along for others to sign and circulate. From the same web-page you can send letters to Olmert and Bush.

While we are disappointed by President Bush's tone we are not defeated in our campaign to save Jerusalem and Israel.

This past week we sponsored a Human Chain around Jerusalem that demonstrated Israel's commitment to a united Jerusalem. Our efforts in Israel have educated tens of thousands of people to the dangers facing Jerusalem. We will continue these efforts.

Bush Bashed: While President Bush was forcefully interjecting himself into Israeli domestic politics (lecturing members of the government coalition to support Olmert's lead) Eli Yishai of Shas told the President that it is ridiculous to sign a peace accord with Abbas since he only controls half of the Palestinian land and that Jerusalem can not be divided. While Shas should not be in this government with those views Yishai deserves credit for confronting the President with some truths.

And in a private meeting, Netanyahu also told Bush to lay off Jerusalem and to abandon this dangerous peace initiative he is currently pursuing.

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