Friday, December 28, 2007

Palestinians Are Commited To Eliminating Israel

While Condi Rice is pursuing a fools path as she invests the prestige of the United States and convinces the Europeans that the idea of a Palestinian Sate and an Israeli State is alive and well, the Palestinians have clearly moved away from that outdated model and are dedicated to replacing the Jewish State with one of their own Powerline is reporting on information gathered by our friend Dan Diker of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs which confirms the above proposition. In short, Abbas is going through the motions that nothing has changed because he wants to collect the $8 billion in aid pledged by foreign powers.

Diker's conclusions make sense when one remembers the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize a Jewish State, the refusal of the Saudis to shake hands with the Israelis, and the refusal to drop the so-called right of return demand.

Furthermore, Abbas has demonstrated time and again that he can not deliver on anything.

It is important for United States policymakers to understand this change in events. Israel, not a Palestinian State, is the prize the Palestinians want.

The Annapolis Conference failed to produce anything of substance because Abbas had nothing to offer and a severely weakened Olmert could not deliver anything in Israel.

The question of the day is what is Bush going to do on his trip to the region? He is dealing with two leaders who can not dictate change in their communities. In other words they may agree to Bush's demands but they don't have the power to deliver their people. Bush is being set up for a big embarrassment.

This is not good for the United States or Israel. A weakened America is bad for the world.

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