Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear President Bush

When Israel evacuated settlements in Gush Katif in the summer of 2005, some philanthropic Americans collected $14 million to purchase the greenhouses for the Arabs in order for them to continue an already well-established produce business with export to Europe. Instead the world saw on tv the gleeful torching of those greenhouses by the Palestinians and their threats to annihilate Israel. Attacks on that country have not stopped and there is money for all of the weapons that are being used. Now we see a donor conference in France to collect billions for aid to the PA to get on their feet economically! Is it not clear by now that the funds will not be used for this but to support the purchase of more weapons and to pay the salaries of terrorists?

Mr. Bush, you declared war on terrorism but, apparently, it does not include the barbarians from the PA whom you wish to reward with a state where only Arabs may live! This is true apartheid!!! You have forced Israel to make dangerous concessions to criminals who attack her innocent citizens. You have pressured Israel to keep releasing terrorists from jails while kidnapped Israelis languish in Arab prisons without even Red Cross contact. Is this what is meant by 'human rights of prisoners'??!!

I am outraged at the duplicity of the American government in appeasing those whose ideology gave us 9/11!
You make no demands of the Arabs and cater to their every whim! The Annapolis conference shows the weakness of the US government. You gave in to Saudi arrogance and required Israeli leaders to use different
entrances rather than those used by the Muslims! Appeasement of an enemy on American soil??!!

I am but one of the many Republicans, President Bush, whom you have alienated because I can no longer trust your word. You are handing the next presidency to the Democrats! I never expected to write a letter in this tone to an office that I have always respected but, as an American citizen, I owe it to my country to speak out for her own good. I want the US to be respected by others but your administration has harmed that trust in the eyes of friendly nations and has shown the enemy that we are willing to compromise our values 'in their interest'.

With great sadness,

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