Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear President Bush

As an American and a Republican who has consistently supported your courageous fight against terrorism I am appalled that your administration has deviated from its course.Instead of supporting the most stable country in the Middle East, the only country in the region that is willing to stand up to Iran, Secretary of State Rice has interfered in the workings of sovereign Israel, makes unjustified demands of that country, criticizes when it does not fulfill her demands - all to the delight of emboldened enemies of Israel that have sworn to destroy her.

Mr. President, Secretary of State Rice has opened the door to more violent terrorism; Israel is bombarded by Kassam rockets daily. She has been instrumental in causing this
and it destroying your legacy. History will record this as a blight on your administration.

It is imperative, sir, that you redirect your energy to your courageous stand following 9/11/2001 - that which brought you much praise. Fulfill your demands that Abbas' terrorists be disarmed, that violence stop, that education be directed towards peaceful co-existence and regional cooperation. This would be a bulwark against terrorism.


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