Thursday, November 08, 2007

'Why has Israel failed with Pollard?'

In an initiative being promoted by State Control Committee Chairman Zevulun Orlev, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss will try to unearth the reason for Israel's 22-year-long failure to bring about the release of Jonathan Pollard, Army Radio reported Thursday. The decision's implementation is pending approval in the Knesset plenum; however, Orlev claims that his initiative has received the backing of numerous MKs.

"I have held deliberations with various MKs who are members of the committee, in order to arrive at a majority of [MKs] who support the decision," he told Army Radio. "I wish to examine whether the Israeli government is doing everything it takes to bring about the release of Jonathan Pollard."

Orlev also wishes to ascertain whether "all of Pollard's rights as an agent and an Israeli citizen are being exercised." According to Orlev, since Pollard was recognized as an agent and an Israeli citizen 10 years ago, Israel's responsibility towards the spy has grown.

"I feel obligated - as a Jew, as an MK and also from a conscientious standpoint - to help Pollard," he said.

Israel has not made any effort to release Pollard in the nine years that have transpired since the Wye Plantation conference in 1998, former minister and MK Danny Naveh told Army Radio.


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