Thursday, November 22, 2007


Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

America’s Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a speech to the Jews at the UJC (United Jewish Communities) General Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee on November 13th that they and the Israeli Jews must sacrifice. Since the Jews have been frequently told they must sacrifice again and again by this hostile representative of President Bush, let us see if she is willing to share the pain.

What if the leaders of Mexico lay claim to substantial parts of Texas and California as originally owned by them - under the Rice Doctrine?

What if Mexico asks the World Court and the U.N. to put the fate of the U.S. on the line in a World Court, given Rice and Bush are so generous with the lives and lands of the Jews?

Rice has turned into or perhaps always was a bigot from the South, having herself experienced prejudice from the whites oppressing blacks. Rice grew up in a well to do family. Her father was a pastor in Alabama. When the Birmingham Church was bombed and 4 little girls were murdered, Condoleezza felt it deeply. She seems to be carrying a racist time bomb in her belly from her youth and it may be exploding now. In her twisted perception, she conceives of the Palestinian Arabs as if they were her oppressed blacks and in her warped perception therefore, the Israelis became the oppressing Southern whites - from her childhood memories.

Will Condi SHARE THE PAIN and have to defend the transfer of American land, won by war, back to Mexico under her Rice Doctrine: "No acquisition of Land taken in a war"?

Now that Bush, Rice and James Baker III established new ground rules for population transfer, will they be surprised that Mexico demands the return of Texas and California. After all, the U.S. forced Mexico to relinquish these lands so, under Condi Rules it should now go back. The Jews were forced out their G-d given Lands by the Romans and now wish to insure re-possession of Lands Arab squatters claim as theirs. That they Terrorize in whatever faction, militias, they Shi’ite or Sunni, none of this makes any difference to C. Rice.

Rice says that the Jews must make "painful concessions" to a pagan, bestial people whose god demands permanent war with all "infidels" (non-Muslims), especially Jews and Christians. So, Ms. Rice, are you prepared for the rest of your life to be identified as the person who made it possible for Texas and California to be divided from the rest of the U.S., probably under World Court or U.N. decisions? After all, the U.S. and Israel are looked upon by an unfriendly World Court and the U.N. as excellent targets. So, if Mexico demands return of lands under the "Rice Doctrine", be assured that the World Court and the U.N. will agree.

DEBKAfile informs us that Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are holding back their plans from the Israeli public to withdraw from Judea and Samaria (called the west bank by the rest of the world). Treason and Traitors do, indeed, flock together as birds of a feather as they plan for Land Transfer and Transfer of Jews out of that Land.

Hopefully, Olmert, Livni, Rice, Bush and Baker share the fate in some way of G-d’s choosing as he did to Korach and his tribe. Jews have been hounded by anti-Semites seemingly forever. Nothing has changed as these evil people coalesce to chop Israel into bite-size pieces. May G-d curse their days, their nights and all those around them. May they SHARE THE PAIN they foist on the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. Let nature continue to unleash her fury on the collaborating nations - with famine, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones, disease, collapse of the money system, floods, devastating war.

If I missed anything dire, please feel free to add.

Does Prayer help? Well, so far - if you look around you - you might say it does.

G-d said he would send fire across to the islands (read: nations) for their evil ways and attacks against the Jews. Take a look at what is called the "Ring of Fire", a 10,000 mile crack running beneath the oceans. Presently, Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation sits on that crack in the earth that bursts forth with frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Should that crack widen and become a linear seam volcano (like splitting a melon), the wall of flames will, indeed, go across to the Islands. That should fry their bacon.

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