Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arab propaganda-this is why they believe such nonsense

The following is from an Arab media-we share it to demonstrate the inflammatory language used (tactic) and the intentionally incorrect data points (lies) the Arab media uses to delegitimize the country of Israel. Please pay attention and do not be fooled.

Ehud Barak, the certified Zionist war criminal, is threatening to turn Gaza Strip into a full-fledged concentration camp.
Last week, the Israeli war minister who is believed to be responsible for the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children during the first few months of the Aqsa Intifada in 2000 and 2001, disclosed a new policy toward the Gaza Strip resembling very much the manner in which the Nazi authorities treated Jews in the course of World War II.
Barak said he would make sure that very little food and medicine will be allowed to reach Gaza. He also said that Israel would cut off electricity supplies to the hermetically blockaded costal enclave which already looks very much like a concentration camp.
For those who don’t know, Barak has a long history of criminality and murderousness toward the Palestinians. In 1998, when he wanted to impress the Israeli public to elect him as Prime Minister, he had to remind them of the most graphic details of one of his murderous missions in Beirut.
The ghoulish tactic worked, and the Israeli Jewish public gave him a certificate of good conduct.
Now Barak is planning to become Prime Minister once again, and his way to expedite and accelerate his plans in this regard is by murdering Palestinian children nearly on a daily basis.
On Thursday, 20 September, the Israeli occupation army murdered three additional Palestinian minors in the Gaza Strip. One of the boys was crushed to death by an American-supplied bulldozer. Graphic pictures of the badly-mutilated boy were shown all over the world, while Israeli boys and girls on talkback forums were busy congratulating themselves “on teaching Palestinians a lesson.!”
More than 20 Palestinian civilians, including 9 children have been murdered by the Israeli occupation army so far this month.
The Israeli army acknowledges rather reluctantly that civilians are killed when tanks fire their heavy artillery shells onto crowded Palestinian neighborhoods.
And every time Palestinian civilians are murdered, which happens routinely, the Israeli government says “sorry,” claiming that the victims are not targeted deliberately and the victims are merely “collateral damage.”
Well, one doesn’t have to be a great military expert to understand that when tanks fire their heavy shells onto crowded civilian neighborhoods, children and civilians will be killed and maimed.
In the final analysis, killing knowingly is killing deliberately, and when the killing happens on a daily basis and the number of civilian victims is in the hundreds or thousands, intent becomes irrelevant.
It is widely understood that one of the main reasons for the persistent and unmitigated pornographic killings of helpless and unprotected Palestinians is the disgraceful silence of the international community, especially the United States , toward Israeli criminality.
This is not a new behavior. The US always looked the other way whenever Israel indulged in murdering civilians, even when there is no question as to the deliberate targeting of civilians, as was the case during Israel’s genocidal campaign against Lebanon in 2006, as testified by Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations.
Of course, a country that killed or caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians under the false rubric of ridding Iraq of its non-existent weapons of mass destruction can’t be expected to behave morally.
After all, the last thing racist and Godless Ashkenazi Jews who hold the Bush administration by the throat, is matters of justice and morality.
But the world is not only America and Israel . There are millions of other peoples around the world who don’t accept America’s Nazi-like approach toward international politics, which is based on unilateralism, hegemony and coercion.
Today, the creeping Jewish genocide in Palestine takes many forms. These include starving millions of innocent Palestinians, barring Palestinians from accessing food and work, mainly by transforming their population centers into detention camps and constantly killing Palestinians, including children.
True, the scope of the daily killings has not reached the Auschwitz levels. But the fact that it hasn’t is not attributed to Zionist morality or magnanimity but rather to concerns about possible reactions by the international public opinions.
This means that Israel, a country that has much in common with Nazi Germany, wouldn’t hesitate to adopt a more daring approach toward the Palestinians if the world’s callous indifference toward the Palestinian plight continued.
In short, the world has to make its stand clear. Is it willing to allow Israel to commit a holocaust by killing and/or causing the death of tens of thousands of Palestinians?
Does the world believe that a holocaust against the Palestinians will be kosher just because Jews, not Germans, happen to be the perpetrators?
In the early 1940s, the world, or much of it, stood silent as the Gestapo, SS and the Wehrmacht were exterminating innocent people, Jews and non-Jews in order to fulfil the nefarious concept of “the Master race.”
Now, the world is passively watching Israel’s creeping genocide against the Palestinians, all in the name of Jewish nationalism and “the chosen people.”
Has humanity reverted to the age of cannibalism?

Comment: The bold words indicate the use of inflammatory language. The writer invokes terms used to describe actions against Jews and Israel but now turns them onto Israel and Jews. The author lies about "facts". Notice how the author blames even Americans, blames the outside world for the Palestinian problems-total ABDICATION of responsibility. This has been the tactic used for years to both invalidate Israel and Jews humanity and right to exist as well as to give the Palestinians a common enemy. The common enemy excuses their leaders from any responsibility for their current conditions and directs their anger to the Jews-if this was not so absurd, so arrogant, so untrue, it would be considered a wonderful technique to use and thus admired. I wish people would begin to read Arab words carefully and begin to understand the misdirection being delivered-time and again. Then I wish that these same people start calling the Arab media on their nonsense and stand up for honesty in reporting.

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