Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hamas: Abbas pursuiainst usng "scorched earth" policy ag

NABLUS, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement has charged PA chief Mahmoud Abbas of pursuing a "scorched earth" policy against it in a bid to cut the road before any possible return to dialogue between him and Hamas. The Movement in a statement said that the illegitimate government of Salam Fayyad's decision closing down 103 charitable societies was an attempt to restrict the Palestinians to receiving aid from the West, which is always conditional to political concessions.
It said that depriving the Palestinian people in the West Bank from those charitable societies that extended assistance to the families of martyrs, detainees, wounded, poor and the needy was meant to subdue the Palestinians into accepting political concessions.
Hamas affirmed that the Palestinian people would foil this decision to similar to past decisions.
In an earlier statement, Hamas warned the PA leadership in Ramallah of surrendering any of the detainees held in its prisons to the Israeli occupation.
It stressed that anyone involved in such a conspiracy would not escape punishment and asked them not to cross the red lines or else they should bear the consequences.

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