Monday, July 08, 2013

Now Obama Using Troops To Prop Up Cairo's Islamofascists

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First, we help bring Morsi, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader, to power. Now, we send U.S. troops to protect his Islamofascist regime. AP View Enlarged Image
Foreign Policy: In the latest twist in our upside-down war on terror, President Obama withdraws troops fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and sends others to Egypt to protect a regime that supports terrorists.

According to reports, the commander-in-chief is deploying a riot-control unit from Fort Hood to Egypt to help the Islamofascist regime there repel its own citizens protesting increasing human-rights violations.

More than 400 Army soldiers from the Texas base will soon man posts throughout Egypt as part of a nine-month "peacekeeping mission." They've been trained to respond to threats, including protests and riots.
"Soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items in the training," according to the local TV news station that broke the story out of Killeen, Texas.
The assignment comes ahead of a planned June 30 showdown between Islamists led by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and secularists opposed to his Islamofascist crackdown.
As more and more Egyptians have called for toppling the regime on its first anniversary in power, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson has appealed for calm. "We oppose chaos," she pleaded with protesters. "Chaos is a breeding ground for instability."
Yes, better to protect radical strongmen like Morsi, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader whom the Obama administration helped bring to power. As we warned, Morsi has stacked Egypt's courts with mullahs and unleashed religious police enforcing austere Shariah law.
Under his burgeoning theocracy, the media and the arts have been censored, churches have been burned and women have been bullied into covering their heads and bodies with Islamic garb, a la Afghanistan.
Millions have signed petitions demanding Morsi step down over the growing human rights violations. Yet Morsi and his thugs are digging in their heels and now they'll have, of all things, American reinforcements.
This is the same regime that includes other Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have called the U.S. "the enemy" and called for jihad against American troops. This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that's the granddaddy of all major terrorist groups — including Hamas and al-Qaida, our sworn enemy.
Morsi has forged ties with Hamas and Hezbollah. Recently, he named as governor of Luxor a member of an Islamist group whose terrorists massacred 58 foreign tourists in the resort town in 1997.
Despite all this, the Obama administration is offering him our troops — along with billions in military aid.
Adding insult to injury, Obama's shipping out GIs from the same Army base shot up by a Muslim terrorist he refuses to call a terrorist — and one who got the OK for his jihadi attack from an al-Qaida cleric tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Worse, Obama refuses to recognize the victims of the Fort Hood attack as casualties of war and compensate them accordingly. In our president's see-no-Islamic-evil mind, they are mere employees caught up in a case of "workplace violence."
From the start of his administration, this president has turned a blind eye to the threat from Islamic terror. First he ordered Gitmo closed. Then he scrubbed jihad from counterterrorism training manuals.
Now he's surrendering to the Taliban and propping up a pro-jihad regime in Egypt. We're left wondering about his commitment to winning the war and protecting the country.

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