Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They are still teaching Jihad in High SchoolPosted

Even though the Palestinians signed onto the Road Map which requires all official Palestinian institutions to "end incitement against Israel," a review of Palestinian text books shows that 12th graders are still being taught about Jihad and martyrdom while the maps in their textbooks do not include Israel. During a recent meeting between Congressman Eric Cantor and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad, the PM admitted "You wouldn't call our curriculum a 'peace curriculum.' Cantor concluded from this conversation that included other questions about the state of ridding the Palestinian educational system of hate against Israel that the will to reform is not there.

Along with being a requirement in the First Phase of the Road Map - a requirement that has not been fulfilled and that no one is requiring the Palestinians to deliver on - it is important to keep in mind the words of Clinton Administration negotiator Dennis Ross: Commenting on the state of the Palestinian education system he concluded, "that no negotiation is likely to succeed if there is one environment at the negotiating table and another on the street."

Why doesn't the United States insist that the Palestinians live up to their agreement and stop teaching hate?
Why don't Olmert and Livni?

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The frustration is easy to understand and it becomes daunting to try to understand why, indeed, the nations won't do what is right for Israel. The nations are ignorant of the fact that when they curse Israel then they are really cursing themselves (Gen 12:3), but when you look in the bible (Daniel & the other prophets) and understand that these events are exactly what is being foretold would happen in the end of days or latter days, it becomes easier to digest them as evidence of the truth of the G*d of Israel. Don't expect the kingdoms of this world are going to do what's right, especially what's right by Israel. Israel is the very evidence that there is a G*d in heaven watching what's going on and one day they will have to face him concerning their ways. haShatan's idea is that if he can successfully destroy Israel then he will accomplish making G*d into a liar and he won't have to face justice. The nations are his tools which he uses to conduct war against G*d via his people, Israel. We know what the outcome will be as the creat(ed) CAN NOT destroy the CREAT(OR). Our job is to persevere until Meshiach Ben David comes and fights the final battle thus putting everything back into the right order. Don't concern yourselves with why the nations won't do what's right 'cause G*d will prevail. All we have to do is what David did when G*d sent him into battle with the Philistines... WAIT ON G*D to go ahead of us and the battle will be ours. Shalom my friends and G*d Bless Y'all From Texas. Frank Shrum

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