Thursday, October 18, 2007

Manhigut Yehudit Will Never Relinquish Any Part of our Holy Soil

The Land of Israel is Ours. It belongs to the Jewish People - Now and Forever. Jerusalem is OURS. The Temple Mount is OURS. Judea and Samaria are OURS. Hebron is OURS. PERIOD. There is no negotiating about land that belongs to us.

The ENTIRE LAND of Israel belongs to the Jewish people as it was given to us by the Almighty. We call upon all Jewish organizations and individual Jews to back our statement.

Those individuals who do not recognize this fact, whether they sit in the Knesset of Israel, 10 Downing Street, the UN, the White House or the State Department will have to account for their words and deeds. Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Chaim Ramon's recent admission that the Olmert Government is prepared to divide Jerusalem and grant control of Judaism's holiest site - The Temple Mount - to the Arabs brings to mind that Prime Minister Olmert and the Deputy Prime Minister (both of whom have either been recently convicted of a crime or are being investigated for many) should be alert to their tongues cleaving to the roofs of their mouths and their right arms losing their function.

Manhigut Yehudit would like to reiterate to these men that the Land of Israel is not their personal real estate to do with as they please. Jerusalem, The Temple Mount, Judea, Samaria, and Hebron belong to the ENTIRE JEWISH PEOPLE. So does Shechem and Gaza, which will soon be back in our hands. We can not and must not turn our backs on our Creator, who gave these lands to us as an eternal heritage.

Unlike others who seek to make the entire world fall under their dominion, we only seek to keep control over the tiny sliver of land called Israel. As the Muslim world has ONE-THOUSAND times more land than Israel, we wonder how can it be that people think that peace will suddenly break out all over the world as soon as Israel surrenders half of its territory and renders itself militarily indefensible? This flies in the face of all evidence, as all Israeli land giveaways over the last fifteen years have only produced thousands of dead and maimed Jews and emboldened terrorists throughout the Middle East and worldwide. This obviously makes no sense. Those people who are not faith-based must certainly see the result of having allowed the OCCUPATION of certain parts of Israel by the Arab enemy.

The former Gush Katif is a safe haven for Al-Qaeda terrorists as is Shechem where Jews used to be able to pray by the tomb of our Holy ancestor, the biblical Joseph. As stated by numerous American terrorism experts, this situation presents a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE UNITED STATES and to the entire Free World. These experts have also documented the close operational ties forged recently between the so-called "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas with both Al-Qaeda and Hamas. We bemoan the fact that Condoleeza Rice has stated that it is the Bush Administration's top priority to create a "palestinian" state and that it is the right time to do so.

In the face of such overwhelming evidence that creating this "palestine" will immediately be a tremendous threat to the physical security of the USA, we wonder what are the true agendas of the American leaders who are pushing so hard to bring this plan into reality. Manhigut Yehudit asks those who recognize our eternal right to the Land of Israel (and others of good faith who solely wish for the United States to stay safe and strong) to join us in sending those "leaders" (the real "extremists") who are attempting to tear out our heart and limbs PACKING. The Nation of Israel is a Holy Nation that deserves leaders who will be faithful to G-D and to the Jewish People. ###

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