Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tonight in Israel.....

July 8, 2014
As you probably know, sirens went off in different parts of Israel just about 4 hours ago - to announce more rockets from Gaza.  We have rec'd them by the dozens.
The Muslims want to kill - with impunity - and the free world is witness to their killing their own as well as others. 
On June 12, when the 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped  and murdered Hamas insisted that Abbas not help in finding their two terrorists who were missing and identified.  The mother of one of the men said that although she did not believe her son was involved, if he had, she would be proud of him.  Abbas said very little but that was to be expected as
he was too busy distributing sweets and celebrating with his henchmen anyway. 
The parents of Gilad, Eyal, and Naftali (who has American citizenship, too) inspired everyone with their hope and faith that the boys would be found safe and returned to their families and the larger Israeli family.  There was a request that prayers be said and good deeds be done in the name of the boys. In addition, the parents asked that people not lose faith should the results not be what was hoped for.  This was their message even as they spoke so emotionally at the dignified burials  which took place together in Modi'in , in the presence of more than 50,000 people.  They asked that everyone keep the boys in their prayers and do acts of kindness in their memories.
It must be noted that when the Israeli teenagers were missing and there was so much news about this and the voices of the parents, there was not one word from the President of the U.S.  Sec'y of State Kerry did condemn it but not the President.  Only when the bodies were found did Obama find his voice - and warned Israel to 'show restraint'. 
When the Arab boy was murdered - so hideously - the Arabs reacted with their usual violence - rock-throwing, burning tires, threats of destroying Israel and days of rioting in Jerusalem.
It has been difficult for Israelis to cope with the news that Jews perpetrated the crime against the Arab boy - as 'retaliation' for what had been done to the 3 Israeli teenagers.
The manner in which the murder was carried out is a Muslim custom of punishment for homosexuality ( just google the subject).
 it is inconceivable to us that Jews could do something like this; we are in shock.Some who were sympathetic to the Israeli tragedy have moralized about 'equivalence' and condemned Israeli society as a whole.  This is simply untrue. 
Israel immediately found the guilty ones and they will be put on trial and punished as one does in a civilized country.  The other side has launched rockets on Israel - even during the funerals of the Israeli boys. That is the difference between the two societies - how one behaves following such atrocities determines what we are. 
At this time, there is a great deal of tension in the region. 
in beloved Jerusalem

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