Monday, July 07, 2014

My comments to the Algemeiner article of July 6, 14 by Shmuely Boteach‏

Many Americans seem not to understand that the ‘language’ of the Middle East is different from that of the West. The effort to impose peace in the region has failed because there is no solution; there is a difference in ideologies with Israel being a democracy and most Arab/Muslim countries having a radical Islamist dogma which demands that it destroy world democracy and create a caliphate with sharia law for all. Rabbi Boteach points out the tragic results of this lack of understanding.

Instead of supporting and strengthening the ties to Israel, the bulwark of freedom in the region, the Obama administration has shown leniency to the PA , even endorsing the new ‘unity government’ that includes Hamas which is on the US terrorist list – an illegal act. Sec’y of State, Kerry threatened Israel that, should it not acquiesce to American demands for dangerous concessions, thereby preventing a ‘peace process’, there would be a third intifada and further EU isolation of Israel. To the enemy this was an invitation to escalate the violence and led to the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers. The Arabs celebrated by giving out sweets and Hamas warned the PA not to help in finding the murderers. President Obama was silent for eighteen days – until the bodies of the boys were found after which he condemned the act and warned Israel to show restraint!! This puts to rest the President’s repetition that ‘the US has Israel’s back’. Americans should know that Hamas is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization connected to the same worldwide radical terrorist groups that want to destroy Israel. Those who threaten Israel have the same goal for the rest of Western civilization. Rabbi Boteach, in citing what happens in Israel, is bringing the warning to the American public.

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