Sunday, July 06, 2014

Media and Administration disgrace

Two American lawyers, Obama and Kerry, have decided - prior to any investigation- that the burning murder of an Arab boy - still living - was done by Israel in retaliation for the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers in mid-June.  This is a MUSLIM custom to avenge the shame on the family for homosexuality.  The father of the boy initially stated that his own people had committed the crime.  However, Mr. Obama, who did not say a word about the Israeli boys until their bodies were found, found his voice immediately when it came to condemning Israel - with no proof of the accusation. How terrible the crime! Contemptible the unproven charge against Israel!

Muslims murder homosexual Pali boy, world blames Israel

by sheikyer mami on July 3, 2014
Several times in the past when Arabs have accused Israel or “settlers” of killing Arabs, it has turned out that Arabs themselves committed the deed, either for “family reasons” or “criminal reasons” such as a turf war between rival businesses or drug dealers. During the 1987-89 “Intifada” (the first Palestinian war of attrition against Israel), hundreds of Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians under the cover of charges that they were collaborators with Israel, when actually, they were killed for personal or business reasons.–Analysis: Arab Sex and Arab Terror
The motive was finally determined. The boy was killed by Muslims for being gay, a crime in Islam that calls for murder by all gruesome means, for being a shame and hated in the Muslim community. Police caught three Muslims fleeing in a car responsible for the murder.
But  the damage is done. The world blames Israel, the Muslim POTUS acted  stupidly (doesn’t he always?)  and rushed to conclusions; even John Bolton bloviated silly stuff on Greta/Fox, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs couldn’t wait even a day for the Israeli National Police to investigate and condemned Israel… ah yes, the moral supremacy of the Gutmenschen, who are sooo much better than those  radical Jews in Israel who terrorise the poor “Palestinians”…..
Source: MEMRI
In the aftermath of the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish boys in Hebron, the world has now fixed its attention on the killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, 17, a Palestinian youth whose burned body was found in the Jerusalem Forest. The world immediately jumped to the conclusion that the vengeful Jews must have killed the boy.
That lack of knowledge is not stopping irresponsible news outlets from claiming that they know what happened. Particularly egregious is The Independent, which doesn’t only claim that extremist Jews killed the youth, but that “Israel” murdered him.

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