Monday, June 16, 2014

Arabs, and Israeli leftists, mystified by thousands of Jews praying for kidnapped boys

Arab media have been covering the massive prayer vigils at the Kotel and in synagogues, especially fascinated by the idea of so many people crying for the safety of three kidnapped teenagers:

Apparently, praying for the welfare of others is an alien concept to these Arab newspapers. The impression is not so much that they are gloating over the Jews' tears as that they are surprised.

Interestingly, the Arab papers refer to all the people praying as "settlers."

But they are not alone. This tweet from +972 writer and Haaretz news editor Mairav Zonszein seems to be also ill at ease over the idea that so many Jews care so much as to pour their hearts out to God:
The spaghetti logic of Israeli leftists is sometimes hard to decipher, but I think she is saying that if only the government would finally move back behind those safe 1949 armistice lines, nothing bad would ever happen, since Arabs don't hate Jews but only "settlers." Because Israelis before 1967 were not endangered one bit.
Mairav Zonszein @MairavZ
Israelis praying in Tel Aviv and Western Wall for return of kidnapped teens. With all due respect, they should pray that government wise up

So why pray, when you can implement her brilliant plan to save so many Israeli lives? Hamas would be finally satisfied, right? Islamic Jihad would lay down their weapons in joy! The Salafists would move out to find other infidel countries to fight! Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades would finally be dissolved!

Yup...Zonszein is just as clueless as the Arabs are.

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