Thursday, August 01, 2013

Senior IDF Officers Warn of Threats from Syria, say IDF is Prepared


Earlier today, two senior IDF officials warned against growing dangers in Syria, stressing that the IDF is prepared to meet any challenge facing Israel's security on its northern border.

As civil war rages in Syria, violence along the northern border threatens to spill into Israel. The officials addressed this challenge at a ceremony marking the appointment of Brig. Gen. Yizhak Turgeman as commander of the Ga'ash Unit.
IDF Chief of the General Staff Benny Gantz near Syria
IDF Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz near Syria
"The war in Syria has presented new challenges, and has resulted in a volatile and agressive [northern] border. To our neighbors, I say that we are committed to defending the Golan Heights and its residents. We refuse to compromise on their security," said Tamir Hayman, the outgoing commander of the unit.

"The Ga'ash Unit stands today before one of the most complex challenges in the Middle East. This uncertainty offers us no choice but to be prepared for any challenge that will develop in this region," said Brig. Gen. Turgeman as he prepared to take his new post.

The IDF will do everything in its power to prevent violence and protect Israel's civilians.

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